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Arctic plan ecology, local plant knowledge

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Feminist and Political Geography

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Research Area: Physical Geography
Supervisor: Marwan Hassan
Studying current degree: PhD
Previous Education: West Virginia University, BS Physics, University of British Columbia, MSc Physics

“My research task is to advance our fundamental understanding of rivers for the purpose of mitigating human impacts on stream morphology and ecology. My directions include: (1) Probabilistic modeling of sediment transport at the grain scale in gravel bed streams; and (2) Detailed measurement of particle kinematics at the grain scale in experimental flume studies. In these studies I utilize techniques from machine learning, computer vision, stochastic processes, and granular physics. My research trajectory within the Hassan group is to upscale and articulate our process based understanding of mountain streams to provide a basis for researchers to improve technical approaches of ecological restoration and the sustainable development of stream corridors.”

Sessional Lecturer (Term 2)

Urban and Economic Geography, Political Economy

Postcolonial, Urban, and Feminist Geography

Political Geography

Fluvial Geomorphology

Historical, Cultural Geography

Political Economy, Political Ecology, Sound Studies

Urban Geography and Political Economy

Urban Geography, Political Economy, Critical Theory

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Global agro-food systems

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Forest Fires

Feminist & Political Geography, Borders & Migration

Military Comm., Political Econ., Civil-Military Affairs

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Migration – Latin America