Associate Professor
University of Basel, Diploma in Geography
University of Basel, PhD in Meteorology


My research interests are in the area of land-atmosphere-climate interactions, greenhouse gas exchange, and atmospheric turbulence. Our “Micrometeorology Group” uses field and modelling approaches to investigate, quantify and describe physical and chemical processes relevant in land-atmosphere exchange. We work in forest, wetland, tundra and urban ecosystems and study trace-gas fluxes and energy and water budgets. Current research projects include basic turbulence and dispersion studies (exchange processes in forest canopies, vineyards, urban dispersion processes) and applied approaches that link greenhouse gas exchange to emission factors, ecosystem disturbances and land management practices. We use stable isotope approaches to attribute sources and sinks of atmospheric greenhouse gases in cities. Our CFI/BCKDF funded Laboratory for Atmospheric Research on Greenhouse Gas Exchange is equipped with several eddy covariance systems, path-averaging TDLAS systems, trace gas analyzers for carbon and oxygen isotopes, autonomous sampling stations, and radiation instruments. We operate several flux towers for short- and long-term studies across Western and Arctic Canada, including the 35-year old urban flux tower “Vancouver-Sunset”.


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Winter 2017

GEOB204 Introduction to Biometeorology Sections

Basic principles and processes of climatology. Energy and water balance concepts. Weather systems and climate change, microclimate of soils, crops, forests, and animals. Credit will be granted for only one of GEOB 200, GEOB 204, or APBI 244.