Peter Wall Distinguished Professor

My research focuses on the emergence of later modern war. It involves two major projects. The first is a genealogy and geography of aerial violence over the last hundred years or so and its transformation of the battle space and the identities of those who inhabit it. The second is a genealogy and geography of medical care and casualty evacuation from war zones: the Western Front in the First World War, the deserts of North Africa in the Second, Vietnam, and Afghanistan; it also examines contemporary attacks on hospitals, medical personnel and patients in Afghanistan and Syria.

Professor Emeritus

I am currently carrying ongoing research for a book on ‘The Southeast Asian City Revisited’ (tentative title) funded by research grants from the Institute of Asian Research UBC, research on the sustainability of Asian mega-regions with funded by the University of Tokyo and research on Malaysian urbanization with colleagues at the University Kebangsaan, Malaysia.

Associate Professor Emeritus

Research interests focus on the changing economic geography of the ex-Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Senior Instructor Emeritus

Research interests focus on vegetation change along the Peace River.

Professor Emeritus

Research interests focus on urban climate and the energy and water balances of cities.

Professor Emeritus

My research interests focus on pre-Hispanic wetland agriculture; cultural-historical geography of Mesoamerican tropical lowlands; and the recent impact of agricultural globalization.

Professor Emeritus

My research focusses on global environmental change in mountainous landscapes, emphasizing the role of relief, hydroclimatology and human activities as the major drivers of change.

Professor Emeritus

Research interests focus on geography of the Arctic; human adaptation to, and impact upon, the Canadian North.


My research interest in economic, specifically labor, geography lies in the context of global cities or more specifically newly emerging global cities. I am expanding my empirical work to include the urban context of Dubai and also Vancouver.

Department Head

My research covers a wide range of topics in geomorphology and hydrology such as landscape evolution, the interaction between hill-slopes and channels, channel stability and morphology, river sediment transport and sediment yield, stream ecology, in-channel wood dynamics, and modeling fine sediments and their interactions with stream physical and biological characteristics.