Audio-Visual Services

The following information is meant to familiarize faculty and graduate students with the audio-visual resources and services available in the Geography Department at UBC. All equipment and services are for department or teaching purposes.

Contact Information:

Bret Petersen
Office: Room 206
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm
Phone: 604-822-3533


In case of equipment failure related to LCD computer projection please see Bret Petersen and if he is not available then see Rick Ketler (room 105), Julie Ranada (room 240C) or Vincent Kujala (room 240B).


Audio Visual Services:

Rooms 100, 101, 147, 200, 201, 212, 214, and 242 are unrestricted classrooms serving all faculty at UBC.  Scheduling Services is ultimately responsible for the overall coordination and management of the University’s unrestricted classrooms. For more information on each of these rooms, follow these links:

Room 100

Room 101

Room 147

Room 200

Room 201

Room 212

Room 214

Room 242

All of the teaching classrooms have a screen and an overhead projector and internet access. For non Geography faculty who use their own laptops only, wireless internet access is available.

For LCD projection in rooms without built in AV resources there are 4 AV carts in room 206 with sign out reservation books. These carts all have a projector, PC, remotes, a VCR/DVD unit and internet access. They may be picked up and returned on a self serve basis and must be reserved in advance in person or by e-mail to Bret Petersen. There are also slide projectors and TV/VCR units on portable carts.

Multi Media Computer Station in Room 206

This computer station is a PC with Windows-7 Pro, DVD & CD burner, slide scanner, flatbed scanner and a photo printer. It is meant for faculty and graduate student use with teaching items a priority. The software on the computer includes: Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photopaint, Sonic Record Now and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Also available in room 206:

  • Small portrait studio
  • Screens
  • Microcassette transcriber
  • Stereo/CD/Cassette Player
  • Video edit bay
  • Light Table
  • Mini DV Camcorder
  • Micro and regular cassette recorders
  • 35mm camera and lenses
  • Portable OH and slide projector

All equipment is for teaching purposes and must be signed out on the clipboard in room 206 and returned in a reasonable amount of time.

Production Services:

The following are available for teaching purposes:
Photography: portrait, tabletop, location
Scanning: slide, print, and negative
Video: editing and production
Poster Layout: design and production in conjunction with Eric Leinberger.

Other A/V and Multimedia Resources at UBC:

UBC IT – Audio Visual Services is in the basement of Woodward IRC, Room B38, 2194 Health Sciences Mall.  They provide a variety of AV services, including:  AV support in non-Geography classrooms, equipment rental, video conferencing, and AV installations.

Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology (ISIT) is located in Buchanan C113, and prodvides a range of services, including AV support in Arts classrooms, equipment rental for Arts faculty and students, lecture capture, multimedia computers, and more.

UBC Digital Media Techologies have three locations on campus, and provide the following services:  web and mobile development, print and design work, motion picture production, and lecture capture and webcasts.  Most of their services are fee-based.

Physical Geography Equipment:

The following equipment is stored in room 206 and may be signed out.

  • Altimeters
  • Clinometers
  • GPS units
  • Theodolites
  • Tape Measures
  • Tools
  • Stop watches
  • Psychrometers
  • Planimeters
  • Stadia Rods
  • Stereoscopes
  • Levels
  • Map measures
  • Bruton Compasses
  • Power cords