2014 Outstanding TA Award Winners!


Congratulations to MA student Sarah Przedpelska and PhD student Alison Cassidy for winning the 2014 Outstanding TA Awards! This award recognizes the significant contribution that teaching assistants make to our undergraduate education, as they play a large role in shaping the overall quality of undergraduates’ learning experiences. Each year the department awards teaching prizes to two teaching assistants (one human geographer and one physical geographer). This award acknowledges their exceptional job and carries a $500 prize.

Alison was a TA for both GEOB 207 and GEOB 407; students noted that Alison was very helpful, approachable, and encouraging. They specifically commented on her “positive” and “super-friendly” presence in labs, as well as her excellent ability to explain concepts clearly. Sarah was a TA for ASTU 202/GEOG 281 and GEOG 121 and in her teaching evaluations students noted that Sarah was very encouraging and positive; they were especially impressed with Sarah’s ability to generate discussion and “capture the big picture.”

Photograph by Mimi Yu