A message from the Head

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Dear Geography students:

I know that you are at present inundated with all things digital, but I want to follow up the message that you received this Monday from Dean Averill and Arts Advising, to assure you that your instructors and the staff in Geography are working together to create the best possible options to allow you to successfully complete your geography courses. The department and faculty are united in common principles: to be fair and flexible under extraordinarily demanding circumstances and to provide clear and consistent communication about various options being made available to you.

Understanding that different students are in very different circumstances, your instructors will be providing your class with a clearly defined set of alternatives, giving you some flexibility to make individual choices among them. Each instructor has devised and knows best the learning objectives for the course and so there will be some variation in the options put forward by each instructor and for each course. Please know that we have discussed these variations as a group and there is a consistency of approach across the department.

We are striving for as much normalcy as possible in these abnormal times and are working within existing time frames and deadlines to submit grades in time for graduation.

We collectively wish you the very best in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with Suzanne Lawrence (suzanne.lawrence@geog.ubc.ca) or your instructor if you have questions or concerns.

Geraldine Pratt
Head of Department
UBC Geography