UBC Geography statement on Scholar Strike Canada (September 9, 2020)

On September 9th and 10th, scholars across the country are participating in a labour action known as Scholar Strike Canada. In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and in protest against the continued killing of Black and Indigenous people by police forces in the United States and Canada, participating scholars are calling for a two day […]

Statement on anti-Blackness from the Equity & Diversity Committee (June 2, 2020)

In light of the recent death of George Floyd and massive protests in the United States, we stand in solidarity with the Black community and the many movements dedicated to combating systemic racism and institutionalized violence in the US and Canada. Mr. Floyd’s death, like those of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sammy Yatim and too […]

A geography graduate’s search for the elusive ‘ideal’ job (May 25, 2020)

2007 alumna Amy Thai shares her journey from UBC Geography to Metro Vancouver’s Air Quality and Climate Change group.

To the graduating class of 2020: you are the future we need (May 20, 2020)

Graduation this year is looking a little different for everyone. To celebrate the hard work of the class of 2020, UBC Geography held a reception on Zoom on Thursday May 14th. This speech was given by Christa Yeung, graduating this year with an Honours in Human Geography and a minor in Urban Studies. Thank you […]

Mapping COVID-19: GIS resources around the world (May 20, 2020)

By Emily Acheson, PhD candidate at UBC Geography One word has been showing up a lot more in the media lately: epidemiology. As health care professionals and researchers continue to fight against COVID-19, much of the information about helpful research initiatives gets lost under the piles of negative news. Among those useful projects are the […]

The Department of Geography’s Climate Action Plan (April 22, 2020)

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we want to share the next step in our commitment to taking action on the climate crisis as a department.

UBC Geography arrangements during COVID-19 (March 16, 2020)

Last updated: Monday 14th September As we start the new academic year, UBC Geography continues to implement measures to keep our community safe during COVID-19. Teaching All courses for 2020 Winter Term 1 are being offered online. A complete list, including details of whether scheduled attendance is required, can be found here. UBC has announced […]

Open letter from students, faculty and staff regarding the Wet’suwet’en (February 11, 2020)

UBC Geography respects that its students, faculty members, and staff members hold a broad range of personal views on a variety of topics. The following open letter, regarding the dispute between Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and Coastal Gas Link, has been signed by a significant number of students, faculty members, and staff members in the Department […]

From UBC Geography to geoscience consulting (January 7, 2020)

Alumna Sarah Davidson's journey from geography student to (professional) landscape detective.

Decolonizing Conservation: A Reading List (November 26, 2019)

by Sara Cannon, PhD Candidate, UBC Geography This post originally appeared on and is shared here with the author’s permission In my experience, most conservation biologists truly want to make the world a better place for all people and care about the communities where we work. For me, this is why I do conservation […]

UBC Geography statement on the climate emergency (November 12, 2019)

The Department of Geography at UBC joins others in naming a climate emergency, and commits to pursuing both individual and collective culture change.

Written out of history: restorying the archive (November 12, 2019)

How do you pursue a collaborative creative partnership through a PhD program? UBC Geography candidate Jessica Hallenbeck and Sahtu Dene and Coast Salish storyteller Rosemary Georgeson have done just that; restoring Rosemary's family histories through research, stories and film.

A snapshot of 1950s Vancouver (October 23, 2019)

A collection of unique aerial photos housed in the Department of Geography shows how the city has changed over the past 60 years.

What are the major federal parties planning to do about climate change? (October 7, 2019)

Prof. Simon Donner has run the numbers on their proposed climate policies: none will avoid 1.5°C warming.

UBC Geography’s statement on the Global Climate Strike (September 16, 2019)

The Department of Geography fully supports the planned strike action on September 27th, and encourages students to participate.

Medical geography and why we need it (September 11, 2019)

As our climate changes, we need more researchers who can understand the close relationship between the environment and disease.

Mordor, Gandalf… is it left or right? (August 13, 2019)

Geography students get to the bottom of whether Frodo's journey across Middle-Earth with the One Ring took the most efficient route.

How should we deal with climate change anxiety? (July 23, 2019)

It is a really, really challenging idea to work with," says Prof. Michele Koppes.

PhD student Seth Wynes’ UBC emissions study featured on CBC (July 17, 2019)

He has found that carbon emissions from the flights of UBC employees equate to between half and two-thirds of UBC's  annual campus emissions.

Geography VR: a Stanley Park Virtual Field trip (March 22, 2019)

The Technology of Virtual Reality The Geography VR project is utilizing cutting-edge innovative technologies. Virtual reality is an expanding platform that has grown ever since it’s first introduction, and is the key innovation that we will be utilized within this project. Photogrammetry and other technologies were also used, combining the best and newest innovations to […]