Dr. Brett Eaton Joins USI!


Dr. Brett Eaton will be joining the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) as a fellow for the 2014W academic year. In addition, he will lead an initiative to create a sustainability pathway associated with Geography that is also funded by the USI. Loch Brown and Siobhan McPhee are also members of the team, and together will form the pathway curriculum committee.  By combining Dr. Eaton’s expertise in the technical and scientific aspects of environmental analysis with that of Dr. Brown and Dr. McPhee, the team will be able to articulate a vision of environmental sustainability that combines social, economic and scientific perspectives in a holistic way. The pathway that this group will help establish is intended to serve students in existing B.A. and B.Sc. specializations offered by Geography, and to exist as a separate entity (such as a minor) that would be accessible to students in other undergraduate specializations at UBC. By conducting a curriculum mapping of the existing sustainability-related courses that Geography currently offers, performing a gap analysis based on the USI’s description of sustainability attributes, and facilitating dialogue with Geography faculty who teach sustainability-related courses, this pathway grant helps Geography to take a leadership role in sustainability education on campus.