Panel discussion with Brett Eaton, Greg Henry, Michele Koppes, Ian McKendry, Jamie Peck and Gerry Pratt

Please join us on March 19 12:30 – 1:45 pm in GEOG room 229 for a panel discussion with UBC Department of Geography faculty members:  Brett Eaton, Greg Henry, Michele Koppes, Ian McKendry, Jamie Peck, and Gerry Pratt.  All of these faculty have served as Associate Editors or Editors for prominent journals spanning the natural and social sciences.  Each will provide a specific perspective on the peer-review process and some advice about how to navigate it successfully.  Following the individual presentations, the floor will be opened so the audience can engage in the discussion.

Brett is a fluvial geomorphologist, interested in how rivers respond to landuse and environmental changes.

Greg researches the consequences of environmental change, driven by the changing climate, on Arctic tundra ecosystems through long-term observations and field experiments.

Michele works at the intersection of climate science, glaciology, geomorphology and human adaptation and resilience.

Ian’s interest in air pollution meteorology is increasingly focused on broad issues of climatic and environmental change associated with the long range transport of pollutants, mineral dust and forest fire plumes.

Jamie is an institutional political economist, working on a range of issues relating to economic geography, urban restructuring, labour regulation, and statecraft.

Gerry’s research focuses on transnational migration, labour precarity and performance.

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