Geography Alumni

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Where Are They Now?

Christopher Brangwin MA ’73
is a very proud Geography grad who valued his time at UBC and the Geography department very highly. As he lives in Australia, it is hard for him to attend the various functions that are offered. He did make it back to the Department in 2013 and was delighted to look around and see the preparations for the renovations. He is now retired and lives in Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales, about three hours drive south of Sydney. For many years he was the UBC Alumni Representative for Eastern Australia.

Ian Thompson BA ’75
has been “retired” for 6 years but still substitute teach at Elphinstone Secondary School in Gibsons particularly in their Earth Science and Geology classes. Still enjoying hiking in Scotland and skiing at Whistler.

Adrienne Smith BA ’00; MA ’05; JD 2013 (UBC Law)
is the Health and Drug Policy Staff Lawyer at the Pivot Legal Society. Read more about her work here:

Creighton Connolly BA ’10
went on to do his M.A. at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, in St. John’s, with Dr. Josh Lepawsky on the global trade and traffic of secondhand electronics, or ‘e-waste’. His thesis looked at Singapore in particular, and how the country acts as a key node in facilitating the trade and traffic of secondhand electronics, while complicating the received wisdom of the nature of global e-waste flows. He is currently a PhD Candidate and Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Manchester, where he’s working on a European Commission funded project on Political Ecology (‘ENTITLE’). His project, under the supervision of Profs Erik Swyngedouw and Maria Kaika, investigates the controversies surrounding urban bird’s nest harvesting, or ‘swiftlet farming’ in Malaysian cities. As part of his work, Creighton conducted a three month internship with the Penang Heritage Trust in George Town, Malaysia, which have been one of the main actors involved in the fight to ban ‘swiftlet farms’ from heritage and residential areas in Penang. Read more about ENTITLE here: