Graduate Courses

Winter 2019 Course List

Courses offered from September 2019 through April 2020.

Winter 2020

GEOG514D Topics in Environmental Geography - TPCS IN ENV GEOG Sections

GEOG520 Themes and Interpretive Issues in Modern Human Geography Sections

Themes and interpretive issues in modern human geography. Students from outside Geography require the permission of the Head of the department.

GEOG535 International Migration and Settlement Sections

Instructor(s): Hiebert, Dan

GEOG547A Directed Reading in Human Geography - HUMAN GEO DR RDG Sections

GEOG547B Directed Reading in Human Geography - HUMAN GEO DR RDG Sections

GEOG548 Major Essay Sections

GEOG551 Urban Social Geography Sections

GEOG560E Economic Geography - ECONOMIC GEOG Sections

GEOG575 Research Strategies in Human Geography Sections

A workshop-based seminar for Master's and PhD students in human geography concerned with the evaluation of alternative research strategies and the development of individual research proposals.

Instructor(s): Peck, Jamie

GEOG599 Master's Thesis Sections

GEOG699 Doctoral Dissertation Sections

Winter 2020

GEOB500 Contemporary Research Trends in Physical Geography Sections

GEOB503A Topics in Geomorphology and Hydrology - TPCS GEMO & HYDR Sections

GEOB504A Topics in Climate Studies - CLIMATE STUDIES Sections

GEOB505 Permafrost Sections

Instructor(s): Henry, Greg

GEOB507A Directed Studies in Geographical Sciences - DIR ST GEOG SCI Sections

Instructor(s): Williams, Jennifer

GEOB508A Advanced Seminar in Geomorphology - ADV SEM GEOMRPHY Sections