Mentees (Graduate Students)

The Geography Graduate Mentorship Program enhances students’ learning experience in and outside of UBC.  It provides opportunities for graduates to develop their professional and research networks, which is increasingly important to their long-term success.  The exposure they gain through a mentor relationship will also teach them about career expectations outside of academia and challenges they may face upon exiting UBC with their degree.  Interested students should contact

Grad Student’s Guide 2015


Mentors (Volunteers from the public or private sector)

The Geography Graduate Mentorship Program offers individuals from outside of UBC the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on student success.  Mentors have a wealth of experience as well as networks in specialized fields to which mentees may not otherwise have access.  In this sense, the mentors are giving back to the next generation of professionals.   Mentors volunteer a highly valuable commodity – their time and expertise.

For a mentor application, email

Mentor’s Guide 2015

Program Objective

To offer master-level students the opportunity to develop their networks outside of university and provide a forum for mentors and mentees to share perceptions and experiences, contributing to:

  • The development of students’ learning and  professional goals.
  • Enhanced opportunities for individuals in  the field of Geography but outside of university, to share their knowledge and  experiences with the next generation of geographers.
  • Improve and increase networks available  to program participants and the department as a whole.

Activity Examples

Participants work together to identify and  meet learning objectives.   Examples of  some mentorship activities (for a mentee) may include:

  • Conduct an  informational interview
  • Research the  types of positions or industries the mentee is interested in and review them  with the mentor
  • Develop  questions to ask the mentor based on the mentee’s goals and research.
    Attend a  workshop or conference together
  • Go for coffee or  a meal and talk about career interests and accomplishments
  • Ask the mentor  if they mind sharing personal stories about their work life
  • Ask the mentor  how they went about finding a job
  • Discuss the  types of employment that are available in the mentee’s subject area
  • Ask about work/life balance
  • Share cover  letter and resume with the mentor and ask for feedback

Contact Information

For more information about Geography Graduate Mentorship  Program, you can email the Program Coordinator at