Travel and Research Funding

The Department of Geography Graduate Student Travel Fund (GSTF) provides support for conference and fieldwork/research travel expenses to an in-program total of $400.00 for MA/MSc students and $700.00 for PhD students.

All claims against this fund must be backed with appropriate original receipts (to conform to UBC Financial Services regulations) and must be accompanied by a properly completed Graduate Student Travel Fund Form.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Travel (economy airfare or other public transport, vehicle rental, or mileage at approved rates)
  • Accommodation
  • Registration (if attending a conference)

In all cases, it is the claimant’s responsibility to keep track of expenses, to produce receipts, and to submit properly documented claims. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the claim.

It is not necessary for a student to present a conference paper in order to claim against the GSTF.

No claims for amounts of less than $75.00 will be processed. If you have smaller expenditures, save the receipts and details for a later consolidated claim.

Claims on the GSTF can be made to supplement awards from the G+PS Graduate Student Travel Fund, provided that both claims are properly documented.

Completed GSTF claims should be submitted to Sandy Lapsky for processing within 12 months of incurring the expenses.

All claims must be submitted within two years of initial registration for MA/MSc students and within four years of initial program registration for PhD students. No claims will be accepted from students no longer registered in a program or on leave of absence.

Complete applications and receipts should be submitted to Sandy Lapsky. Signatures of both student and supervisor are required. It normally takes three to four weeks to process complete applications. Cheques will be sent to the Department or deposited to your bank account if you are on payroll.

The Faculty of Arts also offers funding through their Arts Graduate Student Research Awards that is designed to help graduate students with their research associated with their degree program. Awards are $1,000 and are for covering the costs of travel and other research-related expenses (but not conference or workshop attendance and travel). For more information and how to apply, please click here.