Recent Theses and Dissertations


Dissertations (PhD)

Max Jacob Ritts, Audible developments: geographies of capitalism, nature, and sound on BC’s North Coast
Supervisor: T. Barnes

Maria A. Elgueta Astaburuaga, Effects of episodic sediment supply on channel adjustment of an experimental gravel bed
Supervisor: M. Hassan

Kathryn Grace De Rego, Decadal-scale evolution of Elwha River downstream of Glines Canyon Dam: perspectives from numerical modeling
Supervisor: B. Eaton, M. Hassan

Jacqueline Laura Koerner, Not so fast—building resilience in place: BRAC (Bangladesh) and the rise of social enterprise in the world’s largest non-governmental nonprofit organization
Supervisor: G. Wynn

Leigh Christine Barrick, Central American displacement and the politics of United States deterrence strategy
Supervisor: J. Sundberg

Jonathan Luedee, Science, borders, and boundaries in the western Arctic: environmental histories of the Porcupine Caribou Herd
Supervisor: M. Evenden

Leonora Adele King,  Identifying and characterizing the spatial variability of supraglacial hydrological features on the western Greenland Ice Sheet
Supervisor: M. Evenden

Marc Yoshio Tadaki, Filling the void: struggles over implementing freshwater policy in Aotearoa New Zealand
Supervisor: T. Barnes

Sarah Elizabeth Zell, Outsourcing the border: recruiters and sovereign power in labour migration to Canada
Supervisor: G. Pratt

Szu-Yun Hsu, Populism, nationalism, and hegemonic struggles over trade and economic liberalization in Taiwan
Supervisor: J. Glassman

Josef Tobias Müller (Mueller), Modelling fluvial responses to episodic sediment supply regimes in mountain streams
Supervisor: M. Hassan

Jeffrey O’Connor Whyte, Lines of communication: American psychological warfare in the twentieth century
Supervisor: D. Gregory

Melanie Sommerville, Agrarian repair: agriculture, race and accumulation in contemporary Canada and South Africa
Supervisor: J. Glassman, P. Le Billon

David A. Reid, Linking sediment supply, channel morphology, and aquatic habitat in forested, gravel-bed streams: spatial and temporal considerations
Supervisor: M. Hassan

Lucy MacKenzie, Channel stability in alluvial gravel-bed streams
Supervisor: B. Eaton

Craig Andrew Jones, The war lawyers: U.S., Israel and the spaces of targeting
Dissertation embargoed until 2019-08-31 (access by request only)
Supervisors: D, Gregory, E. Wyly

Alexander Jonathan Mitchell, Influence of feed timing on sediment transport and bed evolution during hydrographs
Dissertation embargoed until 2019-09-30 (access by request only)
Supervisor: M. Hassan

Michael Phillip Simpson, Capillaries of capital: space, power, and fossil fuel flows in the colonial present
Dissertation embargoed until 2019-11-30 (access by request only)
Supervisor: P. Le Billon

Theses (MA)

Belle Chi-Tung Cheung, “Just add colour”: unintended whiteness in Vancouver theatre and arts and culture policies in Canada
Supervisor: G. Pratt

Nicole Molinari, Bare care: working within/reworking restructured long-term care
Supervisor: G. Pratt

Catriona Gold, Constructing AFRICOM : understanding US Africa Command’s articulation of security, contingency, and Africanism for the 21st century
Supervisor: J. Sundberg

Rebekah Lea Kartal, The search for solidarity in the United States-Mexico borderlands/occupied O’odham territory
Supervisor: J. Sundberg

Theses (MSc)

Katriina O’Kane, Plant succession in the High Arctic: patterns & mechanisms
Supervisor: G. Henry

Haley Williams, Paraglacial landscape evolution in a rapidly deglaciating environment: a case study of Taan Fjord, Southeast Alaska, USA
Supervisor: M. Koppes

Emily West, Across intermediate spatial scales, a specialist insect herbivore responds to climate and host plant size, not host density
Supervisor: J. Williams

Jens Johnson, Mechanisms of coexistence between native and exotic plant species
Supervisor: J. Williams

William Booker, The controls of morphodynamics in steep, aggrading channels: a flume investigation
Supervisor: B. Eaton

Madison R. Ferrara, The morphology of, and impact of wildfire smoke on the development of, the convective boundary layer over Southwestern British Columbia
Supervisor: I. McKendry

Stefan Gronsdahl, Effects of logging on summertime low flows and fish habitat in small, snowmelt-dominant catchments of the Pacific Northwest
Supervisor: D. Moore

Anna L. Dufficy, Energy balance analysis of the temperature dynamics of a steep proglacial stream
Supervisor: D. Moore

Sophie Duncan, Intraspecific life history variation in the introduced range of Cynoglossum officinale
Supervisor: J. Williams