Graeme Wynn, “It’s About Time”


On April 9th, Professor Graeme Wynn delivered the last colloquium lecture of the term, “It’s About Time: Reflections on a Career in Geography”, coinciding with his last official lecture as a professor as he will be on sabbatical leave for one year before starting his retirement on September 1, 2016.

In the 1.5 hour talk, Professor Wynn began with almost a reflection on reflections, that “statistics were only half of life; imaginative interpretation is the other half”. He narrated his journey from having a youthful ambition of wanting to become a merchant marine sailor and “accidentally” falling into geography, and eventually, historical and environmental geography. The talk was not only self-reflective but included reflections over his 40 years in the discipline of geography as a field in the greater web of social sciences and humanities, its trends and fashions, as well as the changing landscape of universities and how academia and scholarship have been affected.

The talk drew in over 50 guests and ended with an animated question-and-answer period followed by refreshments.

Recap and photo by Mimi Yu