In Memoriam: John Hubert Wallis (1925-2015)


John Hubert Wallis (BA’55, MA’61) was an early physical geographer, studying with Chapman, Stager and MacKay, and contributing to the Atlas of BC project, led by Dr. Chapman. Prior to that, he worked for a number of years in forestry. He trained as a teacher, and taught at Bamfield in the early 1950s. He spent most of his career at UBC, as an administrator in the Faculty of Education. Two of his sons, Hu and Richard, graduated from UBC Geography, and his daughter, Rona, graduated from Education.

In his retirement years, John Hubert Wallis built a house near Comox, BC, and travelled many of the northernmost roads in Canada – always the geographer!

Submitted by Hu Wallis