12 Month Lecturer
University of British Columbia, BSc
University of McGill, MSc

Pursuing a doctor of philosophy degree

Winter 2018

GEOG311 Urban Environments Sections

The impact of urban development on the natural environment and vice versa. Study of the ecology and metabolism of cities and green urban design, using global and local case studies.

Winter 2018

GEOG318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment Sections

Biophysical and human causes of short- and long-term environmental change at various spatial scales, including measurement, interpretation, and policy.

Winter 2018

GEOG316 Geography of Natural Hazards Sections

The role of geophysical events, human ecology, environmental perception, world social and political order in explaining the risk of natural disasters. Assessment of acceptable risk, disaster relief and reconstruction and contrasts between developed and developing nations.

Winter 2018

GEOG211 The State of the Earth Sections

The demographic, economic, ecological, and technological factors that underlie current environmental challenges, considering their effects to date and their possible impact in the future.

Winter 2018

GEOG310 Environment and Sustainability Sections

Concepts of environment, resources and sustainability; the roles of physical and human geography in understanding the interaction of humans and the environment; introduction to management of environment-resource systems.

Winter 2018

GEOG410 Environment and Society Sections

Geographical analysis of society-environment relations. Relates resource management to environmental politics, political economy, and sustainable development. Perspectives drawn from political ecology and political economy, environmental history and environmental philosophy.