Professor Emeritus
University of British Columbia, BA, MA
University of Wisconsin, PhD


My research interests focus on pre-Hispanic wetland agriculture; cultural-historical geography of Mesoamerican tropical lowlands; and the recent impact of agricultural globalization. I am currently working on an environmental history of the Candelaria River Basin in southwestern Campeche, Mexico, from the recent extraction of the river’s age-old transportational function by a road network, back to the Archaic period and very early evidence (ca. 7000 BP) for human intervention in the river system.


SIEMENS, A. H. 2017 Green Mackinaw: In Europe 1954-55. Vancouver: FriesenPress



“A Way of Seeing” 30 prints of various sizes, in ‘the reach gallery’ of Abbotsford, B.C. Spring and summer of 2013  [ Exhibition of oblique aerial photography ]



SIEMENS, A.H. 2012 ‘Searching Out Prehistoric Landscapes in Mesoamerica by Means of Aerial Reconnaissance’ in The Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology ed D.L. Nichols and C.A. Pool (Oxford University Press) 552-566

SIEMENS, A.H., MORENO-CASASOLA, P. and BUENO, C.S. 2012 ‘La metabolización de dunas y humedales de la ciudad de Veracruz, México’ in Ciudad y Naturaleza; tensiones ambientales en Latinoamérica, Siglos XVIII-XXI ed R.L. López (México: Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) 17-45



SIEMENS, A.H. 2009 Una manera de ver Los Tuxtlas (A Way of Seeing The Tuxtlas) (Mexico City: CONABIO)

“Una manera de ver” (A way of seeing) 32 80cm square prints, hung in the exhibition space of the Instuto Nacional de Ecologia (INECOL) in Jalapa, as well as in the World Trade Center in Veracruz, and at the Town Hall of Catemaco, Mexico. 2009-2010  [ Exhibition of oblique aerial photography ]