Affiliate Assistant Professor
Guilford College, BSc
North Carolina State University, MSc
McGill University, 2013, PhD


I am an environmental geographer with a research focus on the intersection of natural resource management, property theory, legal geography, and political ecology. Most of my research has taken place in rural areas (of Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North America) or in complex political emergencies wherein the legitimacy of local and statutory systems is in flux. I believe that an understanding of the ways in which people struggle to access, define, and distribute the rights and responsibilities surrounding property is crucial for understanding how cultural, political, legal, and economic systems function. Therefore, critical approaches to property theory and applied research on land administration and natural resource policies drive much of my work. I have over a decade of experience as a consultant on natural resource management, agroforestry, and geographic information systems for international organizations including the ICRC, Winrock, the World Agroforestry Centre, BirdLife International, Environmental Law Institute, and USAID funded projects.

As an educator, I teach about human-environment issues, food systems, political geography, and spatial statistics. I have supervised undergraduate research and served on graduate committees that address agricultural lands and issues in development and legal geography. My work on curriculum transformation and program development at both the college and university level emphasizes adoption of open pedagogy principles, flexible learning practices, and open educational resources within geography and environmental studies.

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