Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
University of British Columbia, 1995, BSc, Honours
McGill University, 1999, MSc
University of British Columbia, 2004, PhD


I am a fluvial geomorphologist interested in how rivers respond to landuse and environmental changes. My research group is conducting laboratory experiments and field studies as part of a larger effort to improve our understanding of stream channel (in)stability, fish habitat and bed material transport. In particular, we are focussing on the influence of disturbances such as forest fire on channel morphodynamics, the effect of large wood on sediment transport dynamics and the influence of hydropower generation on stream channel processes. I am also interested in the broader set of processes controlling landscape characteristics.


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Winter 2019

GEOB206 Geomorphic Processes and Hazards Sections

Earth surface processes shaping the landscape; identification of hazards and hazardous areas associated with these processes; introduction to techniques for measurement and analysis at various spatial and time scales; field trips are required.

Winter 2019

GEOB500 Contemporary Research Trends in Physical Geography Sections