University of Toronto, BSc
University of Western Ontario, MSc
University of Western Ontario, 1988, PhD


My work focuses on advanced spatial analysis in the physical, health and social sciences, and in the intersection of these areas (e.g., medical biogeography and Geographic Information Science). This includes a focus on both theoretical investigations and innovative applications of GIScience in subject areas where space and place are considered important explanatory elements (e.g. wildlife use of landscape in the Serengeti). My students and I explore such areas as neighbourhood theory and error and accuracy in GIS, modeling, and visualization. This includes the use of spatial analysis in landscape classification, biogeography, medical biogeography, environmental geography, human-ecosystem interactions and conservation biology. Biodiversity informatics is a current interest, as is exploring the social aspects of GIScience and Geospatial technologies, the reflexivities between technology and society. The thread that links this research is the understanding and insight that advanced spatial analysis brings to research and theoretical problems–often unveiling subtleties that would otherwise be overlooked.

Dr. Klinkenberg is currently the editor and project coordinator of E-Flora BC / E-Fauna BC.



ACHESON, E. S., GALANIS, E., BARTLETT, K., and KLINKENBERG, B. 2019 ‘Climate Classification System–Based Determination of Temperate Climate Detection of Cryptococcus gattii sensu lato’ Emerging Infectious Diseases 25(9), 1723-1726



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BARBIC, D., KLINKENBERG, B., GRUNAU, B. and CHRISTENSON, J. 2018 ‘Do neighbourhoods in Vancouver and surrounding areas demonstrate different rates of bystander CPR and survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?’ Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 20(1), 53-67,

VAHIDI, H., KLINKENBERG, B., JOHNSON, B. A., MOSKAL, M. and YAN, W. 2018 ‘Mapping the Individual Trees in Urban Orchards by Incorporating Volunteered Geographic Information and Very High Resolution Optical Remotely Sensed Data: A Template Matching-Based Approach’ Remote Sensing 10(7), 1134   DOI: 10.3390/rs10071134



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