University of British Columbia, BSc, Honours
University of Canterbury, 1984, PhD


My research focuses on the influence of climate variability and change, in conjunction with forest and glacier dynamics, on hydrological processes and the patterns of streamflow and water quality. I work closely with practitioners, government agencies and utilities to integrate the best available science into environmental monitoring, management and policy.


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Winter 2018

GEOB305 Introduction to Hydrology Sections

Principles of hydrology at site, watershed, and larger regional scales. Introduction to techniques of measurement and analysis. Emphasizes surface water hydrology of western North America.

Winter 2018

GEOB309 Geographical Sciences Field Course Sections

Field sampling, instrumentation, surveying, mapping techniques, and data analysis; mandatory multi-day field camp in April or May. Special fees and liability insurance are required.

Winter 2018

GEOB503A Topics in Geomorphology and Hydrology - TPCS GEMO & HYDR Sections