Peter Wall Distinguished Professor
University of Cambridge, 1981, MA, PhD


My research has two interconnected themes. Most generally, I am interested in the spatial modalities of late modern war, where military violence, occupation and peace bleed into one another. My focus for these investigations is the Middle East, specifically Iraq and Israel/Palestine, but I also consider Afghanistan/Pakistan, East Africa and the geography of the global war prison. My particular concerns are in the production of spaces that make war possible and permissible via practices of locating, inverting and excepting and in the production of imaginative counter-geographies through artwork, drama and literature. I am also interested in cultural and political geographies of bombing, from Europe bombing its colonial populations in the early twentieth century through Spain, the Second World War, the wars in Korea, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, to the Gulf War, Afghanistan / Pakistan and Iraq. In both cases I draw (critically) on ideas from cultural and political theory/philosophy (including Agamben, Butler and Foucault) and from the visual arts and literary studies (including Said and Sebald).

Honours: Fellow of the British Academy; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Dr. h.c (Heidelberg); Dr. h.c. (Roskilde); Peter Wall Distinguished Professor


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Winter 2018

GEOG321 Historical Geography of Urbanization: Cities, Space, and Power Sections

From the origins of urbanism to the modern era.

Winter 2018

GEOG345 Theory and Practice in Human Geography Sections

A consideration of major intellectual issues and debates in the development of contemporary human geography, in relation to developments in other fields and changes in politics, culture and society.