Professor Emeritus
Principal UBC Emeritus College
University of Sheffield, BA, Honours
University of Toronto, 1974, MA, PhD


I am a student of environmental history and historical geography, with research interests in Canada and (to a lesser extent) New Zealand. Forestry, agriculture and sustainability have been my main interests but I have also written on cities, migration, parks and geographical practice.


President of the International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (2019-2022)
Principal-Elect of UBC’s Emeritus College.
Immediate Past President of the American Society for Environmental History.
Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada.
Massey Medal, Royal Canadian Geographical Society 2012.
Brenda and David McLean Chair in Canadian Studies 2011-13.
Editor BC Studies (2008-16).
General Editor, Nature|History|Society book series with UBC Press.
Co-Editor, Journal of Historical Geography (2006-2012).
Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, UBC (1990-1996).
Head of the Department (1996-2002; 2005-2009).


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