Dalhousie University, BSc, Honours
Dalhousie University, MES
University of Toronto, 1987, PhD


I have been working to understand the consequences of environmental change, driven by the changing climate, on Arctic tundra ecosystems through long-term observations and field experiments. Studies of plant growth, phenology and reproduction, biodiversity responses, biotic interactions, evolutionary and migration potential of plant species, carbon and nutrient fluxes, and effects of permafrost disturbance form the basis of investigations by my group. We also work in Arctic communities to help northern students understand and interpret observations of environmental change by elders through shared field and class experiences and participation in science-based projects on berry producing shrub species.


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Biogeographic concepts in understanding responses in ecosystems to environmental change at global, regional, and local scales. Conservation issues such as the loss of biodiversity and endangered species.

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Physical and biological characteristics of the circumpolar Arctic, emphasizing terrestrial environments and the impacts on and by humans, including: glacial history; climatology; biogeography/ecology of arctic tundra; human-environment interactions, settlement and exploration; and current environmental, social and economic problems.