Program: PhD
Supervisor: Derek Gregory and Geraldine Pratt
Hometown: Fort Pierce, FLorida/ Seattle, Washington
“I am making the welcome move from Seattle to Vancouver. Before studying Southeast Asian studies at University of Washington and political anthropology at Wesleyan University, I grew up in citrus country: the sun-drenched land of flowers- Florida. I resided where “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” and hurricanes visit on the regular. Fittingly, I am interested in how humanitarianism takes on many practical forms- as policies concerning displacement, as nongovernmental organizations, and diasporic acts of care. I am mostly interested in the Southeast Asian and Philippines contexts, but my interests dwell on transnational circuits of “disaster” expertise, regional and urban planning for “resilience,” and civilian-military collaboration to combat climate change and emergent human risks. When not enervated by the latter, I’m roasting coffee, speculating about potential media projects, skiing or hopefully hiking.”