Assistant Professor
Associate Head of Undergraduate Program
University of British Columbia, 2011, PhD
University of British Columbia, MA
University of Victoria, BSc


My central academic goal is to wrestle with the theoretical and historical-geographical complexities of environmental politics as it shapes and is shaped by the entanglement of state, economy, science, and culture. My research draws from and contributes to diverse methodological approaches and literatures including political ecology, economic geography, feminist science studies, and increasingly, green finance. My research mostly centres around the political ecologies of biodiversity conservation, and I’ve also spent the last 15 years working with various environmental and social justice organizations trying to manifest something like biodiversity justice.

Through this work and my research I have learned that confronting deeply entrenched socioecological injustices is never simple. We face known, urgent problems – biodiversity loss, drought, poverty, ongoing dispossessions, gendered and racialized violences, climate change – but diagnosing the causes of these problems, and understanding the relationships between them, is complex and always political. These challenges only increase when one attempts to build collective understandings of these problems, meaning understandings that can lead to political, economic and cultural changes across deeply fractured people, institutions and geographies. My teaching and research centre on grappling with these questions through careful examination of the world around us.

Winter 2018

GEOG310 Environment and Sustainability Sections

Concepts of environment, resources and sustainability; the roles of physical and human geography in understanding the interaction of humans and the environment; introduction to management of environment-resource systems.

Winter 2018

GEOG446B Topics in Geography - TOPICS IN GEOG Sections

See the departmental undergraduate adviser for details.

Winter 2018

GEOG520 Themes and Interpretive Issues in Modern Human Geography Sections

Themes and interpretive issues in modern human geography. Students from outside Geography require the permission of the Head of the department.