Associate Professor
Trinity University, BA
New School for Social Research, MA
University of Texas, Austin, 1999, MA, PhD


I bring the insights of feminist political ecology and the sensibilities of an ethnographer to bear on nature conservation, border security, and militarization. My work seeks to foster conversations between feminist geopolitics, critical race theory, posthumanism, political ecology, and Latin American Studies. My current project examines the environmental dimensions of United States’ border security policies in the United States-Mexico borderlands, with a specific focus on protected areas like national wildlife refuges.


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Winter 2018

GEOG121 Geography, Environment and Globalization Sections

Human geography of the modern world with particular attention to human-environment relationships, urbanization, and regional growth; trade and communications; environment and war; environmental governance and sustainability.

Winter 2018

GEOG424 Feminist Geographies Sections

An introductory survey of contemporary feminist approaches to human geography.

Winter 2018

GEOG495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas Sections

The politics of North-South solidarity in theory and practice through community service learning models.