Department Head
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, BA
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, MSc
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1989, PhD


My research covers a wide range of topics in geomorphology and hydrology such as landscape evolution, the interaction between hill-slopes and channels, channel stability and morphology, river sediment transport and sediment yield, stream ecology, in-channel wood dynamics, and modeling fine sediments and their interactions with stream physical and biological characteristics. I have worked on fundamental processes involving flow and sediment transport and contributed to the advancement of river science at various scales, from sediment grains to watersheds, and in fields outside fluvial geomorphology such as urban hydrology, hyporheic flow, desert floods, water quality, and water resources. Model development has been a very important component of my research, with considerable experimental flume work used to complement field data.


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Introduction to open channel flow and sediment transport. River morphology and channel types. Palaeohydrology. The development of channel networks.

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