Associate Member (Geography)
Professor, UBC Okanagan
Queen’s University , 1992, PhD


Miriam Grant is a Professor (Geography) in the Department of Community, Culture and Global Studies, UBC Okanagan. A social urban Geographer who obtained her PhD from Queen’s University, she was a faculty member in Geography at the University of Calgary for twenty years before moving to UBCO to become Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (2011-2018).

Dr. Grant has conducted most of her research in Zimbabwe on low-income housing, youth vulnerability, gendered aspects of HIV/AIDS care, and the urban elite in Bulawayo (1953-1990). She was also a collaborator on a CIDA UPCD grant on linkages between migration, HIV/AIDS and urban food security in Southern Africa. Her current research interests include Lodging in Burgeoning Cities and Transnational Zimbabweans in South Africa.