Associate Member (Forestry)
Professor, Department of Forestry Resources Management
Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing (I)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, 1995, PhD


Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Modeling in Forestry and Ecology

Dr. Nicholas Coops is a faculty member in the Department of Forest Resources Management at UBC, and holds a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in remote sensing. He is also an affiliate faculty member of Oregon State University. Dr. Coops obtained his PhD from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and then worked at CSIRO, the Australian government research labs, for 10 years prior to coming to UBC in 2004.

Nicholas’ research focuses on the application of remote sensing imagery to the monitoring and mapping of forest and vegetation health and productivity. Key research focus areas include:

  • Advanced forest inventory techniques using high spatial resolution optical remote sensing imagery and LiDAR
  • Application of remote sensing imagery to computer visualization
  • Ecosystem and carbon accumulation modeling for biodiversity, production and greenhouse calculations
  • Wildfire, post-fire severity and fuel hazard load mapping from real-time remote sensing
  • Detection of damaging agents in forests using spectral forest condition mapping