Student Services Coordinator
Departmental Assistant
Professor Emeritus

I am a student of environmental history and historical geography, with research interests in Canada and (to a lesser extent) New Zealand. Forestry, agriculture and sustainability have been my main interests but I have also written on cities, migration, parks and geographical practice

Professor Emeritus

I principally study large rivers, with special interest in sediment transport and stability of lower Fraser River, and the response of Peace River to regulation for hydropower.

Senior Instructor Emeritus

Research interests focus on astronomical influences on the location and layout of sacred sites in the Sinitic world.

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Much of my early research focused on the trade off between equity and efficiency of delivery of public and private economic activity most notably in transportation and education.

Professor Emeritus

Research interests focus on European settlement in early Canada and on geographies of colonialism in early British Columbia.


My research focuses on geopolitical economies of industrial transformation, particularly in East Asia, and with a comparative/connective focus on the United States. My recent work has addressed the ways in which Cold War military spending differentially affected forms of industrial transformation and economic growth in South Korea and Thailand.

Professor Emeritus

Snow and avalanche mechanics, avalanche dynamics and engineering, avalanche prediction and forecasting.

Peter Wall Distinguished Professor

My research focuses on the emergence of later modern war. It involves two major projects. The first is a genealogy and geography of aerial violence over the last hundred years or so and its transformation of the battle space and the identities of those who inhabit it. The second is a genealogy and geography of medical care and casualty evacuation from war zones: the Western Front in the First World War, the deserts of North Africa in the Second, Vietnam, and Afghanistan; it also examines contemporary attacks on hospitals, medical personnel and patients in Afghanistan and Syria.