Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in GIS, Geospatial Big Data and Digital Geohumanities

What kind of computation for what kind of geography? This question animates many of my inquiries into economic geography, nature-society relations, globalization, China, and sociospatial theory.

Sessional Lecturer (Term 2)

Urban studies, Political economy

Associate Professor Emeritus

Research interests focus on hillslope geomorphology, and in particular mass movement phenomena in the Western Cordillera.

Visiting Professor

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Associate Professor of Teaching

Loch’s interests lies primarily in the theory and practice of political ecology, with a focus on global human-environmental systems and the use of emerging technologies in environmental and geographic education.  His courses examine a wide range of human-environment dynamics, and seek to engage with questions of socio-natural sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective and at multiple temporal and spatial scales.

Feminist and Cultural Geography