Assistant Professor
University of California, Berkeley, 2016, PhD
Carleton University, MSc
McGill University, BSc


I study the exchange of carbon, water and energy between ecosystems and the atmosphere. I investigate how land atmosphere exchanges of greenhouse gas fluxes respond to a changing climate and disturbances, and how we can modify land management practices for climate change mitigation and adaptation. I also seek to understand how ecosystem responses to global change can feedback to slow or accelerate future climate change. I combine micrometeorological measurements with remote sensing and modelling to understand soil-plant-atmosphere interactions across a range of spatial and temporal scales. This research is done in collaboration with a broad group of researchers and institutions to help inform and advance climate policy.

Winter 2018

GEOB300 Microscale Weather and Climate Sections

Meteorology and climatology at the micro-, local, and meso-scales. Interactions between land surfaces and atmosphere. Basics of atmospheric turbulence and transfer processes. Microclimates on scales of a leaf to those of a large valley.