McMaster University, BA Sc
Duke University, MEM
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002, PhD


Why does climate matter? This question is the basis of a broad program of field and model research at the interface of climate science, marine science, and public policy. This research provides insight into the causes and effects of human-induced climate change, the efficacy of policy and mitigation options, and the consequences for human welfare. Current areas of research include climate change and coral reefs; ocean warming and El Nino; climate change adaptation in the developing world; Canadian and international climate policy; public engagement on climate change. I’m also the director of UBC’s new “Ocean Leaders” program, which provides young researchers with the skills to address tomorrow’s interdisciplinary ocean and climate challenges.


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Winter 2020

GEOG314 Analysing Environmental Problems Sections

Concepts and techniques employed in environmental research; challenges in the areas of climate change, water use, knowledge translation and natural hazards.

Winter 2020

GEOG312 Climate Change: Science and Society Sections

Climates over the geological, historical and instrument periods. Theories of climatic change. Monitoring and modelling the climate system. Impacts of change on environmental and socio-economic systems.