Selected Book Chapters and Journal Articles

Some of the research by faculty members and graduate students leads to publication in the form of book chapters or journal articles. This is a list of recent publications by members of our department.

Books written by our faculty are featured on our separate book page.

Karen J. Bakker

Bakker, K. (2010). Debating green neoliberalism: The limits of “neoliberal natures”. Progress in Human Geography. doi:10.1177/0309132510376849 (Available at Online First:

Norman, E. and Bakker. K. (2009). Transgressing scales: Transboundary water governance between Canada and the US. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 99(1), 99-117.

Bakker, K., Kooy, M., Shofiani, E., and Martijn, E.J. (2008). Governance failure: Rethinking the institutional dimensions of urban water supply to poor households. World Development, 36(10),1891-1915. (first author; contribution 50%)

Bakker, K. (2007) The commons versus the commodity: ‘Alter’-globalization, privatization, and the human right to water in the global South, Antipode,39(3),430-455.

Bakker, K. (2007) Trickle down? Private sector participation and the pro-poor water supply debate in Jakarta, Indonesia, Geoforum 38, 855-868.

Bakker, K., 2006. Introduction in Bakker, K. (ed.) Eau Canada: The future of Canada’s water. Vancouver: UBC Press, pp. 1-20.

Trevor J. Barnes

Barnes, T.J., 2007. The geographical state: the development of Canadian geography. Journal of Higher Education and Geography, 31, 151-77.

Barnes, T.J., 2006. Situating economic geographical teaching. Journal of Higher Education and Geography, 30, 405-409.

Barnes, T.J., 2006. Saying yes but not yes to progress. Progress in Human Geography, 31, 580-584

Barnes, T.J. and Farish, M., 2006. Between Regions: Science, militarism, and American geography from World War to Cold War. Annals, Association of American Geographers, 96, 807-26

Barnes, T.J., 2006. Lost in translation. Wirtschaftgeographie als “trading zone.” In Denkanstöße zu einer anderen Geographie der Ökonomie. edited by C. Berndt and J. Glückler, 23-44 (transcript Verlag: Bielefeld).

Barnes, T.J., 2006. Between deduction and Dialectics: David Harvey on knowledge. David Harvey: A Critical Reader. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 26-46.

Andreas Christen

Christen A., Vogt R., Rotach, M.W. (2009): ‘The Budget of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Urban Roughness Sublayer’. Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 131 (2) 193-223.

Piringer M., Joffre S., Baklanov A., Christen A., Deserti M., Ridder K. D., Emeis S., Mestayer P., Tombrou M., Middleton D., Baumann-Stanzer K., Dandou A., Karppinen A, Burzynski J., 2007. The surface energy balance and the mixing height in urban areas – activities and recommendations of COST-Action 715. Bound.-Layer Meteorol. 124 (1): 3-24

Oncley S. P., Foken T., Vogt R., Kohsiek W., DeBruin H.A.R., Bernhofer C., Christen A., van Gorsel E., Grantz D., Feigenwinter C., Lehner I., Liebethal C., Liu H., Mauder M., Pitacco A., Ribeiro L., Weidinger T., 2007. The Energy Balance Experiment EBEX-2000. Part I: Overview and energy balance. Bound.-Layer Meteorol. 123 (1): 1-28

Vogt R., Christen A., Rotach M.W., Roth M., Satyanarayana A.N.V., 2006. Temporal dynamics of CO2 fluxes and profiles over a Central European city. Theor. Appl. Climatol. 84 (1-3): 117 – 126

Rotach M.W., Vogt R., Bernhofer C., Batchvarova E., Christen A., Clappier A., Feddersen B., Gryning S.-E., Martucci G., Mayer H., Mitev V., Oke T.R., Parlow E., Richner H., Roth M., Roulet Y.A., Ruffieux D., Salmond J., Schatzmann M., Voogt J., 2005. BUBBLE – an Urban Boundary Layer Meteorology Project. Theor. Appl. Climatol. 81 (3-4): 231-261.

Christen A., Vogt R., 2004. Energy and radiation balance of a central European city. Int. J. Climatol. 24(11): 1395-1421.

Michael Church

Church, M. 2010. The trajectory of geomorphology. Progress in Physical Geography 34: 265-286. doi: 10.1177/0309133310363992.

Zimmermann, A.E., Church, M. and Hassan, M.A. 2010. Step-pool stability: testing the jammed state hypothesis. Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface 115, F02008. doi: 10.1029/2009JF001365, 16pp.

Frey, P. and Church, M. 2009.How river beds move. Science 325: 1509-1510. doi: 10.1126/science.1178516.

Church, M. and Rice, S.P. 2009. Form and growth of bars in a wandering gravel-bed river. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 34: 1422-1432. doi: 10.1002/esp.1831.

Ferguson, R.I. and Church, M. 2009. A critical perspective on 1D modeling of river processes: gravel load and aggradation in lower Fraser River. Water Resources Research 45: 15pp. W11424. doi:10.1029/2009WR007740.

Rempel, L.L. and Church, M. 2009. Physical and ecological response to disturbance by gravel mining in a large alluvial river. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 66: 52-71. doi: 10.1139/F08-184.

Lori D. Daniels

Daniels, L., Veblen, T., and Villalba, R., 2007. Use of thin sections to improve age estimates of Nothofagus pumilio seedlings. EcoScience, 14 (1): 17-22.

Daniels, L., and Gray, R.W., 2006. Disturbance regimes in coastal British Columbia. BC Journal of Ecosystems Management. 7 (2): 44-56.

Daniels, L., Butler, S., Clinton, P., Ganesh-Babu, B., Hrinkevich, K., Kanote, A., Keeling, E., Poweel, S., and Speer, J. Whitebark pine stand dynamics at Morrell Mountain, Montana. University of Indiana Professional Paper Series.

DeLong, S.C., Daniels. L., Heemskerk, B., and Storaunet, K.O., 2005. Temporal development of downed wood habitats in wet spruce-fir stand in east central British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 35: 2841-2850.

Ken Denike

(with Tom Koch) Essential, Illustrative, or … Just Propaganda? Rethinking John Snow’s Broad Street Map. Cartographica 45:1, 19-31. March 2010.

(with Tom Koch) Crediting his critics’ concerns: Remaking John Snow’s map of Broad Street cholera, 1854. Social Science & Medicine xxx, 1-6. August 2009.

(with Tom Koch) Aaron’s Solution, Instructor’s Problem: Teaching Surface Analysis Using GIS. Journal of Geography 106:2, 69-77. August 2007.

(with Tom Koch) Certainty, uncertainty, and the spatiality of disease: a West Nile Virus example. Stochastic Environment Research and Risk Assessment (SERRA) 231:5, 523-531. June 2007.

(with Tom Koch) Medical Mapping: The Revolution in — teaching and using—maps for the analysis of medical issues. Journal of Geography 103:2, 76-85. Winner: NCGE Award, best article. March 2004.

(with Tom Koch) A Geographical Perspective on Inequality: The New York City School Funding Controversy. Journal of Geography 102:5, 193-201. Oct. 2003.

Simon Donner

Donner S.D., 2009. Coping with Commitment: Projected Thermal Stress on Coral Reefs under Different Future Scenarios. PLoS ONE 4(6): e5712. doi:10.1371.

Donner S.D., 2007. Domain of the Gods: An Editorial Essay. Climatic Change, 85: 231–236.

Donner S.D., Heron S.F., Skirving W.J., 2008. Future Scenarios: A Review of Modelling Efforts to Predict the Future of Coral Reefs in an Era of Climate Change. In: van Oppen MJH, Lough JM, editors. Coral Bleaching: Patterns, Processes, Causes and Consequences. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. pp159-173.

Donner S.D, Kucharik C.J., 2008. Corn-based ethanol production compromises goal of reducing nitrogen export by the Mississippi River. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 105: 4513–4518.

Donner S.D., Knutson T.R., Oppenheimer M., 2007. Model-based assessment of the role of human-induced climate change in the 2005 Caribbean coral bleaching event. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104: 5483-5488.

Sandin, S.A., Smith, J.E., DeMartini, E.E., Dinsdale, E.A., Donner S.D., et al., 2008. Baselines and Degradation of Coral Reefs in the Northern Line Islands. PLoS ONE, 3(2): e1548. doi:10.1371.

Brett C. Eaton

Eaton BC, Moore RD, Giles TR. 2010. Forest fire, bank strength and channel instability: the “unusual” response of Fishtrap Creek, British Columbia. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: 35(1): 1167-1183.

Eaton BC, Millar RG, Davidson S. 2010. Channel patterns: braided, anabranching and single-thread. Geomorphology: 120: 353-364.

Eaton BC, Andrews CAE, Giles TR, Phillips JC. 2010. Wildfire, morphologic change and bed material transport at Fishtrap Creek, British Columbia. Geomorphology: 118: 409-424.

Phillips JC, Eaton BC. 2009. Detecting the timing of morphologic change using stage-discharge regressions: a case study at Fishtrap Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Water Resources Journal: 34(3): 285-300.

Eaton BC, Giles TR. 2009. Assessing the effect of vegetation-related bank strength on channel morphology and stability in gravel bed streams using numerical models. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: 34: 712-713.

Eaton BC, Church M. 2009. Channel stability in bedload dominated streams with non-erodible banks: inferences from experiments in a sinuous flume. Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, 109(F03011): doi: 10.1029/2007JF000902.

David W. Edgington

Edgington, D.W. 2011. “The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Lessons for Canada“, Canada-Asia Agenda, Vancouver, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Chia-Wen Lee, Roger Hayter, David W. Edgington, (2010). Large and Latecomer Firms: The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Taiwan’s Electronics industry. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie. Vol.101, pages 177–198.

David W. Edgington, 2009. ‘Regional Production Networks’ in Rob Kitchin and Nigel Thrift (eds.) The International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Amsterdam, Elsevier.

David W. Edgington and Michael A. Goldberg, 2009. ‘Global and Local Forces at Work in Vancouver: The Fascinating of the Birth and Rebirth of Coal Harbour’, in W. Straw and D. Tallack (eds.) Global Cities/Local Sites, Melbourne, U21 ebooks.

David W. Edgington, 2008. The Kyoto Research Park and Innovation in Japanese Cities, Urban Geography, 29, 411-454.

David W. Edgington, 2008. The Japanese Innovation System: University-Industry Linkages, Small Firms and Regional Technology Clusters, Prometheus, 26, 1-20.

Matthew D. Evenden

Armstrong, C, Matthew Evenden and H.V. Nelles. 2009, The River Returns: An Environmental History of the Bow (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press).

Evenden, M. and Alan MacEachern, ed., 2007. “Special Canada Issue,” Environmental History 12(4): 751-1070.

Evenden, M and Graeme Wynn. 2009, “54:40 or Fight’: Writing Within and Across Boundaries in North American Environmental History,” Nature’s End: History and the Environment, ed. Paul Warde and Sverker Sorlin. London: Palgrave pp. 215-246.

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Evenden, M. 2006. “La mobilisation des rivières et des fleuves pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale: Québec et l’hydroélectricité, 1939-1945,” Revue d’histoire de l’Amerique Francaise 60(1-2): 125-162.

Jim Glassman

Glassman, J., 2007. Researching the Thai State. Politics and Practice in Economic Geography. Ed. Trevor Barnes, Jamie Peck, Eric Sheppard, and Adam Tickell. London: Sage, pp.141-150.

Glassman, J., 2006. Primitive Accumulation by Dispossession, Accumulation by Extra-Economic Means. Progress in Human Geography. 30.5, 608-625.

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Glassman, J., 2005. Tsunamis and Other Forces of Destruction. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. 23.3, 164-170.

Derek Gregory

Gregory, D., 2011. “Doors into nowhere”: Dead cities and the natural history of destruction’. Cultural memories. Editors: Peter Meusburger, Michael Heffernan, Edgar Wunde (Heidelberg: Springer) (in press).

Gregory, D., 2010, ‘War and Peace’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 35: 154-86

Gregory, D., 2010 ‘Seeing Red: Baghdad and the event-ful city’, Political geography 29: 266-279

Gregory, D., 2009. ‘American military imaginaries and Iraqi cities: the visual economies of globalizing war’, Globalization, violence and the visual culture of cities. Ed. Christoph, Lindner. New York: Routledge pp. 67-84.

Gregory, D., 2008. ‘The Biopolitics of Baghdad: counterinsurgency and the counter-city’, Human Geography 1 pp. 6- 27.

Gregory, D., 2006. The Black Flag: Guantánamo Bay and the space of exception. Geografiska Annaler. B 89, 405-427.

Cole Harris

Harris, C., 2010. “The Spaces of Early Canada”. Canadian Historical Review, 91, 4, 725-59.

Harris, C., 2008. “Historical geography and early Canada: a life and an interpretation”. The Canadian  Geographer, 52, 4, 409-26.

Harris, C., 2006. “Le Canada et la nature: quelques réflexions à l’échelle d’un pays”. Annales de Géographie, 649, 259-269.

Marwan Hassan

Hassan, M.A., Egozi, R., and Parker, G., in press. Experiments on the effect of hydrograph characteristics on vertical grain sorting in gravel bed rivers. Water Resources Research.

Hassan, M., Egozi, R., and Parker, G., 2006. Effect of hydrograph characteristics on vertical sorting in gravel-bed rivers: humid versus arid environments. Water Resources Research, 42, W09408, doi: 10.1029/2005Wr004707.

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Gregory H. R. Henry

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Sally Hermansen

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Daniel Hiebert

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Brian Klinkenberg

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Michele Koppes

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Merje Kuus

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Philippe Le Billon

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David F. Ley

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Dave M. McClung

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Terry Mc Gee

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Dan Moore

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