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2013 Abalharth, Mahdi Hadi Using LiDAR to detect in-stream woods: a scaled approach
2012 Adderley, Christopher David The effect of preferential view direction on measured urban surface temperature
1976 Adefolalu, Albert A. An examination of compatibility: road and rail transport systems in North-East British Columbia
1959 Anderson, Ellis A.A. The Landscape of Southwestern Alberta
2005 Anderson, Geoff K. Snow Avalanche Penetration into Mature Forest
1970 Anderton, Leslie Quaternary Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of the Lower Thompson Valley, British Columbia
2010 Andrews, Christie A Stream in Transition : Short Term Morphodynamics of Fishtrap Creek Following Wildfire
2012 Argast, Timothy Advancements in measuring bed load transport with a magnetic detection system
1997 Arnaud, Emmanuelle Detecting the Effects of Forestry on Lacustrine Sedimentation on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
2006 Asplin, Matthew G. Statistical Downscaling and Teleconnections : ENSO and PDO Teleconnections as a Source of Within-type Precipitation Variability in British Columbia
2009 Attewell, Wesley Wandering the Streets of “Baghdad”: Space, Representation, and the Colonial Present
1995 Avis, Wendy Women and Environmental Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Squamish Estuary Management Plan in British Columbia, Canada
2001 Ayles, Christopher P. Regulation-Induced Channel Gradation in the Peace River
1974 Aylsworth, James A. Transport Development and Regional Economic Growth in NE British Columbia
1975 Aylsworth, Janice M. On the Origin of the Small Moraines of the Upper Hat Creek Valley
1986 Ayotte, Keith W. The Development and Application of a One-Level Mesoscale Atmospheric Model over the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia


2006 Bache, Tenny R. Exploring the Environmental Covariates of E.Coli and Total Coliforms in Ontario’s Groundwater.
1988 Badenhorst, Cecile M. The Geography of Sport as a Cultural Process : A Case Study of Lacrosse
1976 Bain, Steven Paul On city size distribution theory in geography: an epistemological enquiry into misguided models.
2012 Banholzer, Sandra The Central Pacific El Niño and its impact on weather and forest fire patterns in western North America
2006 Barber, Lachlan Making Meaning of Heritage Landscapes : The Politics of Redevelopment in Halifax, N.S.
1965 Barr, Brenton M. Central Siberia: A New Primary Industrial Region?
1982 Barrett, Gary E. Streamflow Generation in a Sub-Alpine Basin in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia
2013 Barrick, Leigh Christine Everyday experiences of national security on the Olympic Peninsula
2002 Barton, Mark Tests of an Operational Algorithmic Urban Heat Island Scheme
1965 Bater, James The Soviet Hydro Electricity Industry
2013 Beamish, Alison Leslie The use of repeat colour digital photography to monitor high Arctic tundra vegetation
2002 Bean, David The Spatial Relationships Among Vegetation Phenology, Plant Community Composition and Environment at a High Arctic Oasis
1998 Beattie, Laura J. The Ethnic Church and Immigrant Integration: Social Services, Cultural Preservation and the Re-definition of Cultural Identity
1968 Begg, Hugh Factors in the Location of the Wholesale Grocery Industry in Metropolitan Vancouver
1980 Bell, Alison Terrain Mapping and Regional Slope Stability Evaluation in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia
1985 Benchimol, Nicole The Mesoscale Variability of Insolation over the Lower Fraser Valley Resolved by Geostationary Satellite Data
2005 Bennett, Charmian M Public Health Impacts of Naturally-Derived Particulate Matter: A Case Study of Asian Dust in Southwestern British Columbia
1990 Bepple, Nancy A Comparison of Satellite Winds and Surface Buoy Winds
1996 Berg, Larry [ATSC] A Simple Parameterization to Predict Population Characteristics of Boundary-Layer Cumulus Clouds
1993 Bertelsen, Siri The Transformation of the Regional Shopping Centre: An Examination of Six Case Studies in Vancouver B.C.
2008 Bertrand, Francois Repositioning Ethnicity : The Transformation of Vancouver’s Chinatown into a Site for Tourism, Leisure and Consumption
1999 Bester, Trina L. Negotiating Parenting and Places of Care in Vancouver, B.C.
2008 Bier, Anthony F Investigating Runoff Generation Processes in a Small Forested Headwater Catchment Using Artificial Tracers
2014 Bird, Lawrence Hydrology and thermal regime of a proglacial lake fed by a calving glacier
1992 Blunt, Alison M. ‘Only a Woman . . .’: Women Travel Writers and Imperialism
1971 Bottomley, John Physician Office Site Characteristics: A Cognitive Behavioural Approach
1995 Bouthillette, Anne-Marie Queer Scapes: Patterns and Processes of Gay Male and Lesbian Spatialisation in Vancouver, BC
1993 Boyer, L. Kate Bounded Justice: Gender, Space and the Law in Early Twentieth Century Vancouver
1973 Brangwin, Christopher J. Causes of Agitation for One Prairie Province
2001 Brardinoni, Francesco Identification of Natural and Logging-Related Landslides in the Capilano River Basin (Coastal British Columbia): a Comparison Between Remotely Sensed Survey and Field Survey
1980 Braun, Ludwig N. Scale Dependence of Factors Controlling the Release of Water from Snow and Ice Storage
1997 Brayshaw, Drew D. Factors Affecting Post-Logging Debris Flow Initiation in Steep Forested Gullies of the Southwestern Canadian Cordillera, Fraser Valley Region
1998 Briedis, Laimonas Wilna, Wilno, Vilna: Geography and Poetics
1990 Brown, Michael P. Reconceptualizing the Theory of Local Autonomy
2009 Brown, Sarah Gringo Politics
1990 Bruce, David W. C. Spatial Patterns of Home Renovation in Nova Scotia, 1971-1988
2013 Buehler, Holly Impact of a hydropeaking dam on the Kananaskis River: changes in geomorphology, riparian ecology, and physical habitat
2014 Buglass, Salome A study on the recovery of Tobago’s coral reefs following the 2010 mass bleaching event
1986 Butcher, John R. Public Sector Restraint and the Social Services: The Case of the Voluntary Sector Provisions of Personal Social Services in British Columbia
1985 Butler, Barbara L. The Persistence of Traditional Ways in an Inuit Community
2015 Byrne, Nicholas The little port that could: changing port governance in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, 1945-2014


1967 Caisley, George A. The Geography of Energy Consumption of the Canadian Metals Processing Industry
2005 Campbell, David A. Watershed Responses to Timber Harvesting Disturbance
1967 Campbell, Colin K. An Urban Skiing Hinterland
2000 Cannon, Alex J. Forecasting Indian Monsoon Rainfall Using Regional Circulation Fields as Predictors: An Ensemble Neural Network Approach
1980 Carr, Adriane J. The Development of Neighbourhood in Kitsilano: Ideas, Actors and the Landscape
1992 Castree, Noel Readings in Historico-Geographical Materialism (October)
2006 Cernigoj, Mark From Movement to Industry : Organic Agriculture in British Columbia
2008 Cervantes Larios, Alejandro A Geographical Information System’s Approach to Analyzing Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: A Case at the UBC Campus
1966 Chalk, John R. Proposed Redistribution of BC Electoral Districts on the Basis of Nodal Regions
1991 Challis, Lynda A. Women Office Workers in Contrasting Suburban Centres
1992 Cheong, Anthony L. Quantifying Drainage Basin Comparisons within a Knowledge-Based System Framework
2014 Chernos, Matthew The relative importance of calving and surface ablation at a lacustrine terminating glacier: a detailed assessment of ice loss at Bridge Glacier, British Columbia
1995 Christophers, Brett Time, Space, and the People of God: Anglican Colonialism in Nineteenth Century British Columbia
2004 Clark, Karin M. Phenological, Growth and Reproductive Responses to Climatic Variability and Experimental Warming in Eight Arctic Plant Species
1993 Clark, Melanie A. J. Saint Mary’s Mission, (Mission City, British Columbia) 1861-1900
1994 Clarke, Jennifer A. Snow Glide and Full-Depth Avalanche Occurrence, Cascade Mountains, British Columbia
1989 Clayton, Daniel W. Geographies of the Lower Skeena, 1830-1920
2008 Clifton, Jonathan Deserving Citizenship? Canadian Immigration Policy and ‘Low-Skilled’ Portuguese Workers in Toronto
2007 Cochrane, Jared D. Characteristics of Historical Forest Fires in Complex Mixed-Conifer Forests of Southeast British Columbia
2013 Collard, Juliane Tracing knowledge and the law : the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
2009 Collard, Rosemary-Claire M. S. Cougar-Human Entanglements on Vancouver Island : Relational Agency and Space
1979 Cook, Donna H. Early Settlement in the Chilliwack Valley
1971 Cooper, Marion G.S. Residential Segregation of Elite Groups in Vancouver, BC
2007 Cordy, Paul D. Applied Automated Numerical Avalanche Forecasting Using Electronic Weather Sensor Data
1993 Courtney, Lyle G. Community Based Workstyle
2011 Cowie, Natasha Michel Effects of glacier retreat on proglacial streams and riparian zones in the Coast and North Cascade Mountains
1951 Crerar, Alistair D. Prince Rupert, BC – A Study of a Port and its Hinterland
1969 Crowe, Keith J. A Cultural Geography of Northern Foxe Basin, NWT
2001 Cunningham, J. Gregory Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Artificial Neural Networks: Development of a Nonlinear, Spatially-Aware Residential Property Prediction Model


2005 D´Addario, Silvia Sleeping on the Margins: The Role of Social Capital in the Housing Patterns of Refugee Claimants in the Greater Vancouver Regional District
2000 Dadson, Simon Episodic Processes in Fluvial Landscape Evolution
1987 Dagg, Bruce R. Debris Supply to Torrent-Prone Channels on the East Side of Howe Sound, British Columbia
2015 Daniels, Joseph A. Securitizing spectacle: property, real estate investment trusts, and the financialization of retail space in Singapore
1985 Daniels, Peter L. The Geography of Blue Collar Unemployment in Vancouver, BC
2011 Davidson, Sarah Modelling channel morphodynamics associated with large wood in an intermediate-sized stream
1998 Davidson, Scott C. Hydrologic Controls of Landsliding in Tsitika Basin, Vancouver Island
1972 Davies, Eric O. The Wilderness Myth: Wilderness in British Columbia
1969 Day, Terry J. The Channel Geometry of Mountain Streams
2012 de Freitas, Amanda Corin Parsons How much for Old Chico? : water governance and the cobrança in the São Francisco River Basin
1973 Dean, Leslie J. The Eastern Pacific Halibut Fishery, 1888-1972: An Evolutionary Study of the Spatial Structure of a Resource-Based Complex
2006 Dempsey, Jessica A. The Birth of the Great Bear Rainforest : conservation science and environmental politics on British Columbia’s central and north coast
1995 Demusz, Kerry L. If Sex is your Work . . . Reflections on Collaborative Research in Thailand
1964 Denike, Clifford C.E. The Uralian Iron and Steel Industry
2001 Desforges, Manon Plant Succession After Active Layer Detachment Slides, in High Arctic Tundra, Fosheim Peninsula. Ellesmere Island, Canada
1986 DesLoges, Pamela J. Moss Socialist Agrarian Reform: A Comparison of Two Latin American Countries
2011 Dewey, John Eliot American uncovered: structures and patterns of immigrant health uninsurance
2009 Dickmeyer, Laurie The Banff-Bow Valley: Environmental Conflict, Wildlife Management and Movement
1965 Dienes, Leslie The Natural Gas Industry of the Soviet Union
2007 Dobson, Cory G. Can Gentrification be Stopped?: a case study of Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver
2004 Doerksen, Geoff N. Parameterization of Net Radiation in Urban and Suburban Environments
2013 Donegan, Connor McElwee Incarceration and state terror: racial capitalism in the American South, 1865-1945
1991 Dowling, Robyn M. Shopping and the Construction of Femininity in the Woodward’s Department Store, Vancouver, 1945 to 1960
2011 Drenker, Michelle Irene European scientists in Canada: the transatlantic brain drain
1996 Drewitt, Gordon Measurement of Biogenic Hydrocarbon Emissions from Vegetation in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia
1960 Drummond, Jack M. Geographical Aspects of School Construction and Location in the Greater Victoria School System
1993 Drummond, Lisa B. W. Women, the Household Economy, and the Informal Sector in Hanoi
1988 Duckworth, Grant Dispatches from Second Empire Paris : Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault, and Urban Modernity
1993 Duffet, Mark The Music Industry and Canadian National Identity
2014 Dumoulin, Lisa Children, caring, and contemporary environmental politics on the Peace River


2014 Elgueta, Maria Alejandra Channel adjustment of a gravel-bed stream under episodic sediment supply regimes
2012 Edwards, Marc Effects of long-term experimental warming on three High Arctic plant communities
2009 Elliott, Tammy L. A Comparison of Grazed and Ungrazed Sedge Meadow in the Canadian High Arctic
2004 Ellis, Erica R. Hydraulic Geometry of Secondary Channels of Lower Fraser River, British Columbia, from Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry
1989 Elmhirst, Rebecca J. Women and Work in Indonesia from 1970 – 1985: Capitalism and Gender Inequality in Perspectives
1963 Emery, Frank T. An Investigation into the Relationship between Moon Phases and Precipitation Maximums in British Columbia
2000 England, Jennifer Representation and the Production of Space: Aboriginal Women in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver.
1993 Evans, Martin G. Neoglacial Climate in the Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia
1996 Evans, Rhys Looking at the World through a Windshield: A Historical Geography of the Trucking Industry in British Columbia
1976 Evans, Stephen G. Material-Form Relationships on Talus Slopes in Southwestern British Columbia
2010 Ewan, Melissa A. Spatial Patterns of Large Woody Debris in the Northern Interior of British Columbia


1985 Fairclough, Terence J. Gay Community of Vancouver’s West End: the geography of a modern urban phenomenon.
1985 Fairclough, Terence J. The Battle for Buttle Lake
1980 Fallick, Arthur L. Residential Milieu and Locational Suitability: A Study of Selected Elderly Residents in Non-Profit Care Facilities within Greater Vancouver
1949 Farley, Albert L. A Regional Study of Southeastern Vancouver Island, BC
2011 Farrales, May Holding spaces: geographies of Filipino-Canadian students’ educational experiences
1997 Favrholdt, Kenneth C. The Cordilleran Communication: The Brigade System of the Far Western Fur Trade (April)
1969 Fitzharris, Brian Blair Ground Temperatures and the Effect of of a Seasonal Snow Cover on their Relationship with Air Temperature for the Canadian Prairies
2003 Floyer, James A. Statistical Avalanche Forecasting Using Meteorological Data From Bear Pass, British Columbia, Canada
1969 Ford, G. Marilyn The Impact of Increased Income and Peasant Want Patterns
2000 Ford, Lillian Coyote Goes Downriver: An Historical Geography of Coyote Migration Into the Fraser Valley
1966 Forrester, Elizabeth A.M. The Urban Development of Central Vancouver Island
1952 Forward, Charles N. Ice Distribution in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the Break-up Season
2009 Francis, Jenny Hanging on the Edge of the House: African Refugees, Housing, and Identity in Metro Vancouver
1961 Francis, Robert J. An Analysis of British Columbia Lumber Shipments: 1947-1957
1981 Francoeur, Jean-Gilles The Subjective Geometry of Regional Space: A Cross Cultural Inquiry
2013 Fu, Xiao Commercialization of university research: the case of Nanjing, China
1981 Fujii, George T. The Revitalization of the Inner City: A Case Study of the Fairview Slopes Neighbourhood, Vancouver, BC
1976 Fuller, Richard A. The Social Geography of Credit Groups, Candelaria, Campeche, Mexico


2010 Gallagher, John Patrick Patterns of Planetary Boundary Layer Influence at the Whistler Mountain Air Chemistry Observatory
1974 Gawne, Arlene A. Adoption of a Landuse Innovation: A Case Study of Planned Unit Development in Greater Vancouver
2002 Geddie, Katherine P. License to Labour: A Socio-Institutional Analysis of Employment Obstacles Facing Vancouver’s Foreign-Trained Engineers
1973 Gell, A. William Ice Petrofabrics, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
1999 Genoway, Noel E. The Provision of Infrastructure in Nagoya During the 1990s
1999 Gibbons, Daniel J. Resolving the City
1969 Gilbert, Robert Some Aspects of the Hydrology of Ice-Dammed Lakes: Observations on Summit Lake, BC
1999 Gilchrist, Elizabeth A. Inscribing Ireland: Place-names and the authority of the Ordnance Survey(1824-1846)
1972 Gill, Warren Clientele Variations and Urban Nightclub Locations
1967 Ginn, E. Margaret Rural Dutch Immigrants in the Lower Fraser Valley
1964 Glyn-Jones, Vivian Changing patterns in school location, Vancouver School District
1990 Goehring, E. Brian Inuit Place-Names and Man-Land Relationships, Pelly Bay, North West Territories
2007 Gonzalez, Celia V. Argentineans in Spain: immigrants or returnees? institutional versus popular interpretations
1990 Gower, John G. The Impact of Alternative Ideology on Landscape: The Back-to-the-Land Movement in the Slocan Valley
1981 Graham, Scott Retail Trade Area Analysis and Site Selection: A Survey of Practitioners in Greater Vancouver
1971 Grant, Keith F. Food Habits and Food Shopping Patterns of Greek Immigrants in Vancouver, BC
1991 Gratham, Christopher H. [ATSC] Structure of the Northeast Pacific Wave Cyclone of 19 November 1980
2011 Greene, Gregory Allen Historical fire regime of the Darkwoods : quantifying the past to plan for the future
2013 Grego, Caroline Imagining a community-oriented “national park nature” : conflict, management, and conservation in the proposed South Okanagan – Lower Similkameen National Park Reserve
1994 Griffiths, Catherine J. Women Negotiating the Local-Global Interface: Cosmetics in Singapore
2001 Griller, Natalie Short and Long Term Recovery of Plant Communities Following Intensive Grazing by Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) and Muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in the Low Arctic of Nunavut, Canada.
1983 Grimmond, C. Susan B. The Suburban Water Balance: Daily, Monthly and Annual Results from Vancouver, BC
2004 Grímsdóttir, Harpa Avalanche Risk Management in Backcountry Skiing Operations
1994 Groeneveld-Meijer, Averill F. Manning the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush
1991 Gu, Jiujing [ATSC] A Feasibility Study of the Estimation of Net Solar Radiation at the Sea Surface using NOAA-9 AVHRR Data
1965 Gunn, Angus M. Gold and the Early Settlement of British Columbia, 1858-1885


1998 Haak, Dino G. ‘Natural’ and ‘Symbolic’ Energy of Mountains
1997 Hacker, Joshua [ATSC] An Empirical Ensemble Mesoscale Forecasting System
1974 Hall, Wayne R. Spatial Behaviour in Victory Square: The Social Geography of an Inner-City Park
1969 Halsey-Brandt, Gregory C. An Analysis of the Changing Function and Contemporary Impact of the Alaska-British Columbia Boundary
1998 Halwas, Karen L. Channel Geomorphic Units as Benthic Macroinvertebrate Habitat in Small, High Gradient Streams on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
1996 Ham, Darren G. Patterns of Channel Change on Chilliwack River, British Columbia
1998 Hamilton, Andrew C.T. Prospects of Place and Portraits of Progress in the Early Representations of the Queen Charlotte Islands, 1878-1922 (January)
1958 Hardwick, Walter G. The Effect of the Proposed Moran Dam on Agriculture within the Middle Fraser Region, BC
2004 Harker, Christopher G. Witnessing Untitled
1979 Hart, J. Sanford Clastic Sediment Sources and Suspended Sediment Yield in a Coast Mountain Watershed, British Columbia
1984 Hasbullah, Shahul H. The Fertility Behaviour of Muslims of Sri Lanka
1970 Hayes, Derek W. The Occurence and Utilization of Fog
1983 Hayward, Patricia M. Hobby Farming in the Lower Fraser Valley
1998 Heimo, Maija Prehispanic Wetland Agriculture South of Laguna Mandinga, Veracruz, Mexico: Testing Postulations of Water Management and Agricultural Intensification
1979 Hertzman, Owen Cloud Mapping from the Earth’s Surface using an Infrared Radiance Contrast Technique
2008 Hicks, Elisabeth Ambassadors of the Albayzin : Moroccan Vendors of the La Caldereria in Granada, Spain
1997 Hicks, Nicola E. ‘Cinema for where you live’: Spectatorship, Subjectivity and Space
2006 Hill, Geoff Responses of High Arctic Meadows to Climate Warming at Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere Island, since 1980
2008 Hill, Kathryn M. Gender and Livelihood Politics in Naga City, Philippines
1980 Hirst, Teresa Josephine Anglo-Indian Life As Portrayed By Its Literature
1985 Hogan, Daniel L. Stream Channel Morphology: Comparison of Logged and Unlogged Watersheds in the Queen Charlotte Islands
1971 Holdsworth, Deryck W. Vernacular Form in an Urban Context
2003 Holley, Alison, M. Public Participation GIS : A Proposed Model for Community Organisations
2001 Hollman, Veronica C. The Economy of Communion in Argentina: Exploring the Relationship Between Culture and Economy
2002 Holm, Kristopher W. The Landslide Response of Alpine Basins to Post-Little Ice Age Glacial Thinning and Retreat
2000 Horner, Graham Mountains of Money: The corporate Production of Whistler Resort
1974 Horsman, Albert Popular Attitudes Toward Urban Issues: Some Observations
1992 Hourston, Roy A. S. [ATSC] Variability of North Pacific Ocean Surface Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes
2015 Howard, Tom From risky business to common sense: sustainability, hegemony, and urban policy in Calgary
1966 Howell-Jones, Gerald I. A Century of Settlement Change: A Study of the Evolution of Settlement Patterns in the Lower Mainland of BC
1975 Howes, Donald E. Quaternary Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of Lower Bridge River Valley, British Columbia
2006 Hudson, James M. Responses of a High Arctic Heath to Long-Term Ambient and Experimental Warming
2002 Hyndman, Marian Negotiating Space: Geographies of the British Columbia Treaty Process


1964 Ivanisko, Henry I. Changing Patterns of Residential Land Use in the Municipality of Maple Ridge, 1930-1960
1995 Ivanov, Sergei L. Problems of Labour Markets: East European Economies in Transition
2015 Izquierdo Mejia, Esteban Spaces of cultural resistance : underground libraries in the U.S.Southwest


1984 Jackson, Bradley G. Social Worlds in Transition: Neighbourhood Change in Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver
2006 Jackson, Sara L. Geographies of Ethic Politics : Jewish Survival and Continuity in Vancouver, BC
1999 James, Aaron J. W. Class, Race and Ethnicity: Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs in Vancouver
1994 Jamieson, Natalie A. Gender and Unionism: Representations in Hotel Worker Unions
1954 Jawanda, Bagwant S. A Geographical Study of Vancouver Island
2013 Johns, Samuel Gregory “Living the dream” atop Whistler Mountain: the malaise of modernity and Vancouver’s leisure culture
2015 Johnson, Kelsey Mae Performing the nation at the frontier : Filipino immigration and settlement in Whitehorse, Yukon
1995 Johnstone, Jill F. Responses of ‘Cassiope Tetragona’, A High Arctic Evergreen Dwarf Shrub, to Variations in Growing Season Temperature and Growing Season Length at Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere Island
2010 Jones, Craig A. The misrule of Gaza: Israeli assaults in a land under seige
2014 Jones, Craig E. Income polarization and the emergence of a low income SkyTrain corridor in Metro Vancouver, 1971-2006
1981 Jones, David P. Particle Vibration at the Boundary in Turbulent Shear Flow
2009 Jones, Eileen L. Decay Dynamics of Coarse wood Habitat in Old-Growth Spruce and Pine Stands in the Rocky Mountain Foothills
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1995 Joy, Michael W. Handling Uncertainty in GIS and Environmental Models: An Application in Forest Management


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1970 Karanka, Eero J. The Application of a Predator-Prey Model to the Management of a Biological Resource: the Example of Steelhead Angling
1970 Karlsen, Erik H. Transit Travel to the Urban Core of Greater Vancouver
2012 Keane, Jenna Christine Air quality and visibility in southwestern British Columbia during forest fire smoke events
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2012 Kinnear, Matthew The effects of discharge and slope on hyporheic flow in step-pool morphologies using cold water as a tracer
2004 Kirby, Elia E. CarnyLand (an Ethnography) : A Study of Contemporary Carnival Workers (Carnies) in British Columbia
2006 Klady, Rebecca A. Long-Term Experimental Warming Effects on Tundra Plant Sexual Reproduction in the High Arctic
2015 Klinghoffer, Ilana Spatial and temporal patterns of sediment mobility and storage in a small mountain stream
2012 Knudson, Justin M. The effect of discharge variability on the heat budget and tributary mixing dynamics of a proglacial river
1978 Kobayashi, Audrey Poetic Landscape Interpretation of the Issei: A Case Study Providing Implications for Future Research in Geography and Literature
1977 Koch, Thomas Concepts of Space and Time in Traditional China: Notes Towards a Predictive Theory of Culture
2012 Kraft, Molly (Un)belongings : Muslim women in multicultural Canada
2003 Krzyzanowski, Judi Tropospheric Ozone in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia and the Threat of Injury to Forest Plants


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