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1986 Anderson, Kay J. East as West: Place, State and the Institutionalization of Myth in Vancouver’s Chinatown, 1880-1980
2006 Andresen, Martin A. The Geography of Canada – United States Trade
2000 Antle, Alissa N. Interactive Visualization Tools for Spatial Data and Metadata


2008 Baird, Ian G. Various Forms of Colonialism : The Social and Spatial Reorganisation of the Brao in Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia
1988 Barrett, Gary E. Infiltration in Water Repellent Soil
1997 Blake, Lynn A. Let the Cross Take Possession of the Earth: Missionary Geographies of Power in Nineteenth Century British Columbia
1997 Blunt, Alison M. Travelling Home and Empire British Women in India 1857-1939
1995 Bonnemaison, Sarah Allegories of Commemoration: The 1989 Bicentennial in Paris
1977 Bottomley, John Ideology, Planning and the Landscape of the Business Community, Urban Reform and the Establishment of Town Planning in Vancouver, British Columbia 1900-1940
2006 Bower, Shannon S. Wet Prairie : An Environmental History of Wetlands, Flooding and Drainage in Agricultural Manitoba, 1810-1980
1987 Bradshaw, Michael J. East-West Trade and the Regional Development of Siberia and the Soviet Far East
2006 Brardinoni, Francesco Glacially-induced Scaling Relations in Mountain Drainage Basins
2002 Brealy, Kenneth G. First (National) Space : (Ab)original (re)Mappings of British Columbia
1999 Bronson, Elizabeth Openings in the Forest Economy: A Case Study of Small Forest Operators in the Bulkley Valley, Bc, Canada
1994 Brown, Michael P. Locating Citizenship Across the City Politics of AIDS in Vancouver, Canada
2002 Burgess, William Canada’s Location in the World System: Reworking the Debate in Canadian Political Economy


1992 Casinader, Rex A. Desakota in Kerala: Space and Political Economy in Southwest India
1998 Castree, Noel Envisioning Capitalism: Geography and the Renewal of Marxian Political-Economy
1985 Chandra, Rajesh Industrialization in Fiji
1970 Church, Michael A. Baffin Island Sandar: A Study of Arctic Fluvial Environments
1995 Clayton, Daniel W. Islands of Truth: Vancouver Island from Captain Cook to the Beginnings of Colonialism
1990 Cleugh, Helen A. Development and Evaluation of a Suburban Evaporation Model: A Study of Surface and Atmospheric Controls on the Suburban Evaporation Regime
2000 Courtney, Lyle George Education, Training, and Non-metropolitan Development
1995 Cushon, Geoff Context to a Conversation: The Contribution of Science to Sustainable Forestry


1999 Davis, Trevor John Toward Verification of a Natural Resource Uncertainty Model
1973 Dawson, Ian N. A Marketing Model of Transportation Demand at Industrial Sites
1996 Demeritt, David Knowledge, Nature and Representation: Clearings for Conservation in the Maine Woods
2001 Desbiens, Caroline Power from the North : The Poetics and Politics of Energy in Quebec
1987 Desloges, Joseph R. Paleohydrology of the Bella Coola River Basin: An Assessment of Environmental Reconstruction
2009 Doucette, Jamie The Postdevelopmental State : The Reconfiguration of Political Space and the Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea
1995 Dowling, Robyn M. Placing Identities: Family, Class and Gender in Surrey, British Columbia
2006 Dunkley, Cheryl M. Nature Discipline: the Practice of Wilderness Therapy at Camp E-Wen-Akee


2004 Eaton, Brett C. River Channel Response to Changing Governing Conditions: Rational Regime Models and Experimental Observations
1997 Evans, Martin Holocene Sediment Yield and Geomorphic Sensitivity in Alpine Landscapes, Cathedral Lakes, British Columbia


1988 Fallick, Arthur L. Homelessness & The Homeless in Canada: A Geographic Perspective
2003 Farrish, Matthew James Strategic Environment : Militarism and the Contours of Cold War America
1975 Fitzharris, B. Blair Snow Accumulation and Deposition on a West Coast Midlatitude Mountain
1981 Forbes, Donald L. Babbage River Delta and Lagoon: Hydrology and Sedimentology of an Arctic Estuarine System
2007 Furlong, Kathryn Municipal Water Supply Governance in Ontario : Neoliberalization, Utility Restructuring, and Infrastructure


1983 Gallie, Thomas M. Chemical Denudation and Hydrology near Tree Limit, Coast Mountains, British Columbia
1972 Gates, M.G. A Photographic Test for Attitude Measurement: A Cultural Examination of Peasant Attitudes to Agricultural Change in Campeche, Mexico
1974 Gayler, Hugh J. Consumer Spatial Behaviour and its Relation to Social Class and Family Status in Metropolitan Vancouver, Canada
1976 Gell, William A. Underground Ice in Permafrost, Mackenzie Delta-Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, NWT
1971 Gibson, Edward M.W. The Impact of a Social Belief on Landscape Change: A Geographical Study of Vancouver
1973 Gilbert, Robert Observations of Lacustrine Sedimentation at Lillooet Lake, BC
1971 Gill, Don Vegetation and Environment in the Mackenzie River Delta, Northwest Territories – A Study in Sub-Arctic Ecology
1981 Gill, Warren G. Mainstream Urban Lifestyles: Indices and Determinants
1996 Goehring, E. Brian Employment and Demography in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut
2009 Gould, Kevin Marking Land, Producing Markets : The Making of a Guatemalan Rural Land Market
1994 Greenberg, Charles Region Based Urbanization in Bangkok’s Extended Periphery
1988 Grimmond, Christine S.B. An Evapotranspiration Interception Model for Urban Areas


2004 Hageli, Pascal Thomas Scale Analysis of Avalanche Activity on Persistent Snowpack Weaknesses with Respect to Large-Scale Backcountry Avalanche Forecasting
2000 Hales, Wendy J. The impact Humand Activity on Deltaic Sedimentation, Marshes of the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia
2005 Ham, Darren Gary Morphodynamics and Sediment Transport in a Wandering Gravel-bed Channel: Fraser River, British Columbia
1974 Haq, Ziaush S. Determinants of the Spatial Dynamics of Population Movements within Bangladesh
2009 Harker, Christopher G. Placing Palestine : Homes, Families & Mobilities in Birzeit
1990 Hasbullah, Shahul H. The Growth and Variations of Rural Non-Farm Activities in Sri Lanka since Independence
1996 Haschenburger, Judith K. Scour and Fill in a Gravel-Bed Channel: Observations and Stochastic Models
2005 Heimo, Maija A Political Ecology of Conservation : Peri-urban Agriculture and Urban Water Needs in Mexico City
1987 Hershkovitz, Linda R. The Porcelain Ricebowl: The Revival of the Urban Individual Economy in the People’s Republic of China, 1978-1984
1996 Heuff, Darlene Modification of Boundary Layer Roll Dynamics by Induced Tropospheric Gravity Waves (October)
1981 Holdsworth, Deryck W. House and Home in Vancouver: The Emergence of a West Coast Urban Landscape, 1886-1929
1986 Hornsby, Stephen J. An Historical Geography of Cape Breton Island in the Nineteenth Century
1996 Hyndman, M. Jennifer Geographies of Displacement; Gender, Culture and Power in UNHCR Refugee Camps, Kenya


1993 Jackson, Peter L. Gap Winds in a Fjord: Howe Sound, British Columbia
1996 Jakob, Matthias Morphometric and Geotechnical Controls of Debris Flow Frequency and Magnitude in Southwestern British Columbia
2010 Johnston, Caleb F. Unmapping the Metropolis : Urban Restructuring, Governmental Logics, and Adavasi Rights in Liberalizing Ahmedabad
1988 Jones, Penelope S.A. Postglacial Chronology of Large Earthflows in South-Central British Columbia
1994 Jordan, R. Peter Debris Flows in the Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia: Dynamic Behaviour and Physical Properties


2004 Keeling, Arn The Effluent Society: Water Pollution and Environmental Politics in British Columbia, 1889-1980
1969 Kellerhals, Rolf Runoff Concentration in Steep Channel Networks
1997 Kelly, Philip F. Constructing Globalization in the Philippines: Labour, Land and Identity on Manila’s Industrializing Periphery
1969 Kerfoot, Denis E. The Geomorphology and Permafrost Conditions of Garry Island, NWT
1996 Kindquist, Cathy E. The South Park Water Transfers: The Geography of Resource Expropriation in Colorado, 1859-1994
1981 Knox, John L. Atmospheric Blocking in the Northern Hemisphere
1998 Kontogeorgopoulos, Nick Roughing it in Phuket, but the Jones haven’t been there (yet): Reconceptualizing Tourism and Community Development in Southern Thailand
2008 Kooy, Michelle E. Relations of Power, Networks of Water : Governing Urban Waters, Spaces, and Populations in (Post)Colonial Jakarta
1986 Kurihara, Tamiko Japanese Direct Foreign Investment in the United States and Canada by Sogo Shosha since 1951
2008 Kwak, Min-Jung Globalizing Canadian Education From Below : A Case Study of Transnational Immigrant Entrepreneurship Between Seoul, Korea and Vancouver, Canada


1990 Lapointe, Michel F. Intermittent Turbulent Suspension Events over Sand Dunes on the Bed of the Fraser River, Near Mission, British Columbia
1995 Leslie, Deborah A. Advertising: Between Economy and Culture
1995 Lin, Chusheng (George) Regional Development in the Zhujiang Delta, China, 1980-90
1983 Lowman, John Geography, Crime and Social Control


1991 MacKinnon, Robert A. The Historical Geography of Agriculture in Nova Scotia, 1851-1951
1995 MacLeod, Scott A. Shadows Beneath the Wind: Singapore, World City and Open Region
1998 Martin, Yvonne E. Modelling Geomorphology in Landscape Evolution
1996 Marton, Andrew Restless Landscapes: Spatial Economic Restructuring in China’s Lower Yangzi Delta
2001 McCabe, Shauna J. Representing Islandness: Myth, Memory, and Modernation in Prince Edward Island
2007 McCloskey, Shane P. J. Western Hemlock Looper : A Biological Agent of Disturbance in Coastal Forests of British Columbia
1999 McKay, Deirdre Imaging Igorots: Performing Ethnic and Gender Identities on the Philippine Cordillera Central
1990 McLean, David G. The Relation between Channel Instability and Sediment Transport on Lower Fraser River
2001 McLeod, T. Katherine The Ecology of Picea Glauca (Moench) Voss at Its Range Limits in Northwest Canada
2007 Mendis, Asoka C. N. The Greenhouse Tomato Industry in Delta, British Columbia
2002 Menounos, Brian Peter Climate, Fine-Sediment Transport Linkages, Coast Mountains, British Columbia
1989 Mills, Caroline A. Interpreting Gentrification : Postindustrial, Postpatriarchal, Postmodern?
1988 Mocellin, Jane S.P. A Behaviour Study of Human Response to the Arctic and Antarctic Environments
1985 Morrison, James I. Technology, Organization and Spatial Structure: The Case from the Clinical Laboratory System of British Columbia
2003 Mountz, Alison Embodied Geographies of the Nation-State : An Ethnography of Canada’s Response to Human Smuggling
1976 Mulligan, Gordon F. Structure and Process in the Christallerian System
2003 Murphy, Andrew J. Milking a Virtual Cow? : Institutional and Consumptive Implications of Online Grocery Shopping


2006 Nally, David P. The Administration of Hunger: Colonialism, Biopolitics and the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852
1984 Neithercut, Mark E. The White Pine Industry and the Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Michigan
1994 Nelson, R. Ross The Presentation of Landscape; Rhetorical Conventions and the Promotion of Tourism in British Columbia, 1900-1990
2009 Norman, Emma S. Navigating Bordered Geographies : Water Governance Along the Canada – United States Border
1968 North, Robert N. Transport and Economic Development in Western Siberia
1975 Nowell, Arthur R.M. Turbulence in Open Channels: An Experimental Study of Turbulence Structure over Boundaries of Differing Hydrodynamic Roughness
1974 Nunez, Manuel The Energy Balance of an Urban Canyon


1995 Okabe, Ian T. The North American Monsoon
2006 Olund, Eric N. Whitewatching : Cinema, Race and Regulation in the Progressive-era United States
1969 O’Riordan, Jonathan Efficiency in Irrigation Water Use – A Case Study in the Okanagan Valley, BC
2005 Oswin, Natalie The Normal Homosexual in Post-Apartheid South Africa: New Queer Geographies
1970 Outcalt, Samuel I. A Study of Needle Ice Events at Vancouver, 1961-1968


1998 Paterson, John Leonard Geography and Religion, Agriculture and Stewardship: The Practice of Agricultural Stewardship in the Christian Farmers Federations of Canada
1994 Phillips, Richard S. A Geography of Adventure
1984 Pratt, Geraldine J. An Appraisal of the Incorporation Thesis – Housing Tenure &


1982 Radke, John D. Pattern Recognition in Circuit Networks
2003 Rayback, Shelly A Cassiope Tetragona and Climate Change in the Canadian High Arctic : Experimental Studies and Reconstruction of Past Climate for Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada
1989 Reason, Christopher J.C. Coastally Trapped Disturbances in the Lower Atmosphere
2004 Rempel, Laura L. Physical and Ecological Organization in a Large, Gravel-Bed River and Response to Disturbance
1996 Rice, Stephen P. Bed Material Texture Along Gravel Bed Rivers with Confluences
1999 Richards, Katrina Observation and Modelling of Urban Dew
2004 Rivard, Étienne Prairie and Québec Métis Territoriality: Interstices Territoriales and the Cartography of In-Between Identity
1969 Robinson, Ross Spatial Structuring of Port-Linked Flows: The Port of Vancouver, Canada, 1965
2007 Rose, John S. Charting Citizenship : The Political Participation of Immigrants in Richmond and Surrey, BC
1991 Roth, Matthias Turbulent Transfer Characteristics over a Suburban Surface
1974 Rothwell, David C. Cognitive Mapping of the Home Environment
1997 Rowson, Juliet M. Community-Based Sustainability and the Construction of Difference on Galiano Island, British Columbia
1975 Rumley, Dennis Stability and Change in Electoral Patterns: The Case of the 1972 British Columbia Provincial Election in Vancouver
2002 Runnalls, Kathryn E. Detecting Microclimatic Biases in Historical Temperature Records
1969 Ryder, June M. Alluvial Fans of Post-Glacial Environments within British Columbia


2009 Salant, Nira L. Some Physical and Biological Factors Influencing the Fate of Fine Clastic Particles in Flowing Water
2001 Salmond, Jennifer Ann Vertical Mixing of Ozone in the Very Stable Nocturnal Boundary Layer
1999 Santoso, Edi Surface fluxes and vertical profiles in the radix layer
2004 Schiefer, Erik K. Contemporary Sedimentation Patterns Within Green Lake, Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia
1988 Schmid, Hanspeter E. Spatial Scales of Sensible Heat Flux Variability Representativeness of Flux Measurements and Surface Layer Structure over Suburban Terrain
2008 Schnurr, Matthew A. Lowveld Cotton : A Political Ecology of Agriculture Failure in Natal and Zululand, 1884-1948
1976 Schreier, Hanspeter Chemical Terrain Variability: A Geomorphological Approach using Numerical and Remote Sensing Techniques
2000 Schuurman, Nadine C. Critical GIS: Theorizing An Emerging Science
2001 Scott, Steffanie Vietnam Decollectivizes: Land, Property, and Institutional Change at the Interface
2004 Sharma, Tara Land-Use Modeling for Exploring Alternative Agricultural Futures: Linking Choices and Consequences
2010 Shea, Joseph M. Regional-Scale Distributed Modelling of Glacier Meteorology and Melt, Southern Coast Mountains, Canada
1994 Shin, Dong-Ho The Impact of Industrialisation of the Quality of Life in Korea: Case Studies of Ulsan and Kyungju
2000 Sioh, Maureen K. L. Fractured Reflections: Rainforests, Plantations and the Malaysian Nation-State
2000 Smith, Heather Anne Where Worlds Collide: Social Polarisation at the Community Level in Vancouver’s Gastown / Downtown Eastside
1973 Smith, Michael W. Factors Affecting the Distribution of Permafrost, Mackenzie Delta, NWT
1990 Souch, Catherine J. Lake Sediments as Records of Palaeoenvironmental Change: Kwoiek Creek, Coast Mountains, British Columbia
1996 Sparke, Matthew B. Negotiating Nation-States: North American Geographies of Culture and Capitalism
2009 Springer, Simon D. Neoliberalizing Violence : (Post)Marxian Political Economy, Poststructuralism, and the Production of Space in ‘Postconflict’ Cambodia
1994 Spronken-Smith, Rachel A. Energetics and Cooling in Urban Parks
2008 Stan, Amanda B. Growth Release of Trees Following Fine-Scale Canopy Disturbances in Old-Growth Forests of Coastal British Columbia, Canada
1980 Steyn, Douw G. Turbulence, Diffusion and the Day-time Mixed Layer Depth over a Coastal City
2005 Subedar, Mary When States Design : Making Space on Native Reserves
1977 Suckling, Philip W. A Solar Radiation Model and an Analysis of Synoptic Solar Radiation Regimes in British Columbia
1998 Szczodrak, Malgorzata Variability of Cloud Optical Depth and Cloud Droplet Effective Radius in Layer Clouds: Satellite Based Analysis


2008 Talwar, Sonia Spatializing Science and Technology Studies : Exploring the role of GIS and Interactive Social Research
1974 Taylor, Stuart M. Alternative Approaches to the Analysis of Consumer Spatial Behaviour
2009 Thistle, John Range Wars : Ranching and Pest Eradication on British Columbia’s Interior Plateau
1987 Torchinsky, Raymon L. Individual Choice Behaviour and Urban Commuting
2007 Tunnicliffe, Jon F. Holocene Sedimentary History of Chilliwack Valley, Northern Cascade Mountains


1970 Usher, Peter J. The Bankslanders: Economy and Ecology of a Frontier Trapping Community


2005 Vasudevan, Alexander P. Metropolitan Theatrics: Performing the Modern in Weimar Berlin, 1919-1933
2003 Venditti, Jeremy G. Initiation and Development of Sand Dunes in River Channels
1995 Voogt, James A. Thermal Remote Sensing of Urban Surface Temperatures


2009 Walenta, Jayme Corporate Performances in Space : Situating Fraud in the Enron Case
2001 Walton-Roberts, Margaret Embodied global flows : immigration and transnational networks between British Columbia, Canada, and Punjab, India
2008 Wang, Baoling Canadian Firms in China : Home and Host Country Factors
1995 Wang, Yaolin (Mark) The Socioeconomic and Spatial Transformation of the Shenyang-Dalian Extended Metropolitan Region of China, 1978-1992
1976 Wankiewicz, Anthony C. Water Percolation within a Deep Snowpack Field Investigations at a Site on Mt. Seymour, British Columbia
1993 Warren, Stacy M. The City as Theme Park and the Theme Park as City Amusement Space, Urban Form, and Cultural Change
2004 Waters, Johanna L. Geographies of Cultural Capital: International Education, Circular Migration and Family Strategies Between Canada and Hong Kong
2008 Watkins, Helen Fridge Space: Journeys of the Domestic Refrigerator
1971 Whitaker, Roy A. An Algorithm for Estimating the Medians of a Weighted Graph Subject to Side Constraints, and an Application to Rural Hospital Locations in British Columbia
1987 Whitehead, Jimmy C. Decision Making in the Property Development Industry during a Business Cycle
1996 Willems-Braun, Bruce Materializing Nature: Discourse, Practice and Power in the Temperate Rainforest
1978 Wills, Michael J. Linear and Nonlinear Estimators of the O-D Matrix
2003 Wilson, Robert M. Seeking Refuge: Making Space for Migratory Waterfowl and Wetlands Along the Pacific Flyway
1990 Wolcott, John F. Flume Studies of Gravel Bed Surface Response to Flowing Water
1970 Wolforth, John R. ‘Dual Allegiance’ in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT – Aspects of the Evolution and Contemporary Spatial Structure of a Northern Community
1972 Woo, Ming K. Numerical Simulation of Snow Hydrology for Management Purposes
2007 Wood, Louisa J. The Global Network of Marine Protected Areas : Developing Baselines and Identifying Priorities
1996 Xiao, Yanni Topographic Characterization for DEM Error Modelling


1973 Yap, David H. Sensible Heat Fluxes Measured in and near Vancouver, BC
1996 Yasmeen, Gisele Bangkok’s Foodscape: Public Eating, Gender Relations and Urban Change
1992 Yee, Francis L. W. Economic and Urban Changes in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, 1979-1986


2006 Zalatan, Rebecca The Relation Between Climate and Abundance Cycles in Barren-Ground Caribou Herds of the Northwest Territories, Canada
2009 Zimmermann, Andre E. Experimental Investigations of Step-Pool Channel Formation and Stability