GEOG Room 100

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All of the AV functions and lighting in this room can be activated by the touch screen at the lectern. Touch the UBC logo to activate the menu and then proceed to adjust the lighting, select a mic if you require one, select the projector and PC or VCR/DVD or personal laptop and lower the screen if it is raised.

The power for the VCR/DVD must be turned on at the unit itself and then the audio and play functions are activated on the touch screen. The PC must also be turned on by the bottom switch on the built in tower and then the user name and password entered which is on the keyboard.

If you use your own laptop connect it to the cable which is inside a small hinged panel at the front part of the lectern. This is usually cabled to laptop #1 which must be activated and selected on the touch screen.

The left projector activates the document camera which is capable of projecting either text, a photo or a three dimensional item like a small rock sample. You can also project an enlarged image of the item by adjusting the marked control on the overhead panel.

If you switch from video to computer or vice versa wait about 5 seconds after activating the function for the projectors to adjust before proceeding.

The remote control, laser pointer, wireless mic and extra batteries are all located in a small drawer at the bottom of the lectern which is locked. A key to open this drawer can be obtained from Bret Petersen, the department AV Technician, in room 206.

The volume for the wireless and lectern mic is also selected on the touch screen.

If you use the remote for a powerpoint presentation push in the small triangle on the remote, it should light up green and then turn it off and only use the small wheel to advance and go back regarding the presentation. Also turn and release the wheel each time and don’t turn and hold it without releasing it or it will skip through several images. Don’t use the laser function on it as it quickly drains the battery.

It is still possible to show standard slides but access is required to the rear projection room. See Bret Petersen for access.

The lights are controlled by a motion sensor so if you are alone in the room and not moving the light will shut down. Movement will re-activate them.

After your presentation please turn off the projector unless someone is there to use it after you.

Classroom services is responsible for maintaining all of the functions in room 100. Please advise Bret Petersen the AV technician for the Geography Department of any problems and he will contact the appropriate person for repair.