GEOG Room 200 and 212


Rooms 200 & 212 are almost identical regarding audio visual features except only room 200 has a wireless mic and the systems are housed differently. Both have a wall mounted touch screen similar but with less functions than the one in room 100. If the AV cabinet in either room is locked, please see Bret Petersen, the department AV Technician, in room 206 for a key.

After the screen is activated select either CPU (computer), Laptop or VCR/DVD and be sure the computer or VCR/DVD is turned on at the unit not the screen. For the CPU enter the user name and password that is on the keyboard.

The keyboard and mouse in room 200 are locked up along with the remote and digital pointer in the AV cabinet. Attach the keyboard and mouse to either of the USB extension cables on the table by the cabinet. Insert the remote receiver which looks like a memory stick into the USB at the front of the computer. Push in the triangular shaped button on the remote until it turns green and then turn it off. This activates it’s presentation mode. Use the small wheel at the side to advance and don’t use the digital pointer function as it quickly depletes the battery. Pull the wheel towards you and let go to advance one image. If you keep holding it towards you it will skip ahead through several images. Push it in the opposite direction to go backwards.

In room 212 open the unlocked small metal door to access the computer and remove the keyboard and mouse from the bottom shelf where the remote is. The remote receiver is permanently attached at the rear of the computer.

The outlet for a laptop is at the front of the room under the screen.

When you are finished please turn off the projector unless someone is there to begin another class.

If you are the last person to use the projector for the day please turn off the projector and lock the cabinet.

Both of these rooms are termed all general rooms and serviced by classroom services. If there are any problems with the equipment let Bret Petersen know and he will contact the appropriate people for any repairs or adjustments.