Health & Safety

The Geography Department considers health and safety to be of paramount concern. Emergencies, disasters, accidents and injuries can occur at any time and without warning.

Mandatory Safety Training

All faculty, staff, graduate student TAs, RAs, and work-learn student employees in the Geography building must complete the following training prior to beginning work.

What can I do to be better prepared before an emergency occurs?

  • Read the Geography Health and Safety Program Manual
  • Complete all steps of the Mandatory Safety Training listed above, prior to beginning work
  • Be familiar with your building’s Emergency Response Plan
  • Know where fire extinguishers, fire alarm triggers, and emergency exits are located (floor plan)
  • Sign up for Emergency UBC Alerts to your cell phone
  • Participate in all practice drills and training programs
  • Take first aid training
  • Create your own Emergency Disaster Kit
  • Do not bring in or use chemicals in the Geography building
  • Review the UBC Emergency Website