Accident Prevention & Reporting

The University aims to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment in which to carry on the University’s affairs. All possible preventive measures are taken to eliminate accidental injuries, occupational diseases and risks to personal security.  Compliance with the Workers Compensation Act, WHMIS and related legislation is the minimum standard acceptable. All students and members of faculty and staff are encouraged to strive to exceed these minimum legal standards and to eliminate unnecessary risks.

All incidents and accidents must be reported to a supervisor and on-line through the UBC Central Accident Incident Reporting System (CAIRS) as soon as possible following the incident/accident.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Complete all mandatory safety training prior to beginning work as a new employee.
  • Working safely is a fundamental part of your job.
  • You must have your supervisor’s permission before attempting any task which could be unsafe.
  • You must be trained before undertaking any task which could be dangerous.
  • You have the right to refuse to do any task which you feel is unsafe. (It’s the law)
  • You are responsible for doing your best to maintain your area as a clean and safe working environment
  • If an accident occurs

Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  • Orientation, training and supervision (WCB & UBC Policy #7)
    • Monitor and correct behavior
    • Identify and review hazards
    • Develop a training plan/safe work rules and procedures
    • Emergency Response
  • If an Accident occurs
  • Due Diligence
    • Burden of proof is on the Supervisor
    • Must document actions (inspection reports) to provide proof
  • Inspections (WCB regulations)
    • Provision for the regular inspection of premises, equipment, work methods and work practices