Sustainability @ Geography

UBC Geography is committed to UBC’s sustainability values. We have made the following commitments:

Zero Waste

  • We participated in the Sort-it-out Showdown!
  • We recycle batteries and cell phones in a box in the copy room.
  • We recycle soft plastics in a bin in the copy room.
  • Every workstation in our department is equipped with a deskside recycling unit.
  • We use sort it out stations to collect organic material, recyclable paper products, and containers.
  • Where possible, we encourage computers and printers to be set to double-sided printing by default. Shared printers are set to double-sided.
  • Where possible, we encourage computers have margin defaults set to 0.75”.
  • We have a box in the copy room to collect previously, used one-sided paper for reuse.
  • We are piloting a Freecycle in Room 237 for reusable small office supplies like extra pens, highlighters, sticky notes, tape and binders, and items from home. Remember to list your items and date when dropping off.
  • We promote the use of reusable mugs and promote everyone about UBC’s mug discount.
  • We commit to promoting the UBC Recyclopedia to all staff and faculty in our department at least once a year at a meeting or via email.
  • We host  e-waste round-up events. During this event a box is set up outside Room 206 to collect small e-waste such as mice, keyboards and cables. We then take this box to the UBC Waste Management Warehouse for recycling.

Community & Engagement

Energy Conservation

  • Our department has Lights Out stickers placed by light switches to remind people to turn off lights when they leave a room, and “Last to Leave” signs on exit doors
  • We seek out Geography’s energy consumption on the UBC Pulse Energy dashboard.
  • We have enabled energy savings mode on all shared printers/copiers.
  • We send out an energy conservation checklist before the winter holiday break each year to remind everyone how they can power down for the holidays.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • We encourage staff and faculty to consult the Sustainable Purchasing Guide  before making purchases.
  • We purchase copy paper with 100% post-consumer recycled content.
  • As much as possible, we use Fair Trade certified and/or organic and/or shade grown coffee as part of our coffee service.
  • We use Novex as a local courier. Novex is working toward a 100% green fleet by 2015.
  • We promote reuse-it! UBC to all employees in our unit. For office purchases, like furniture and equipment, our policy is to first look for reusable items before purchasing new.

Green Events

  • We have sent a copy of the UBC Green Event Planning checklist and Sustainable Catering checklist to everyone in the department who regularly hosts events.
  • We commit to include the following green practices at every event we host:
    – have sort-it-out stations available to collect all types of waste
    – not using Styrofoam
    – at catered events, to request of bulk sugar, honey, milk and cream, linguine noodles as stir sticks, reusable dishware/glassware/cutlery if possible or at minimum request of paper plates and cups, bulk condiments, thermos of iced water instead of bottled water
    – if applicable, to provide reused nametags
    – limit paper use as much as possible
    – request event attendees to bring their own mug, plate and water bottle

Shared Kitchen Spaces

  • Our department purchases certified biodegradable and non-animal tested dish soap for our shared kitchen area.

Sustainable Transportation