Sara Cannon recognized for exceptional teaching

Geography PhD candidate Sara Cannon has received some of the highest student evaluations in the Faculty of Science for 2019 Winter Term 1.

Sara taught SCIE 113 First-Year Seminar in Science, and this was her first term teaching her own class after several years of TA experience. Student feedback placed her in the top 10% of all instructors in the faculty.

In a letter recognizing this accomplishment, Meigan Aronson, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, noted that “a great deal of attention and dedication is needed on your part to achieve this level of performance, and [you] have as well demonstrated a constant willingness to innovate to find better ways of reaching your students.”

Sara said: “It is so affirming to hear that the students thought highly of my teaching and that my inexperience wasn’t obvious. I love teaching this class because it’s small enough that I can get to know the students individually. Also, since it’s largely discussion-based, I learn as much from them as they do from the course materials. I didn’t design the curriculum, but it’s a course that I wish I’d had when I was an undergraduate science major.”

Congratulations Sara!