Trail Six Call for Submissions!


2013/2014 Trail Six (Vol. 8)

Trail Six, the Geography Students’ Association’s peer-reviewed undergraduate journal of geography, is calling for submissions!

Email your submission to Authors of successful submissions will be notified in mid-January.  Deadline is Thursday, January 8th at 11:00 pm!


  • One submission per person (excluding group submissions)
  • Please do not re-submit submissions from prior years
  • Maximum 4000 words but will be cut to a maximum of 3000 in editing process
  • Work must not have been published elsewhere
  • Group work is permitted (one participant will need to work with editors as the main author and all group members must agree to have their work published)
  • You must be able to commit approximately 30 hours to the review process between January and March.

All students with papers meeting these criteria are strongly encouraged to submit to Trail Six, a nationally recognized undergraduate journal. Selected papers will be peer reviewed by students and professors prior to publication.

Being published as an undergraduate looks great on a resume or grad school application, and since papers are made anonymous prior to review, you have nothing to lose by submitting an essay.

You can find past editions at here.

How to submit:
Include the following in your email submission:

  1. Manuscript attached as a Microsoft Word document (.doc) or GIS/cartography work attached in the appropriate file type (.pdf is suggested).
  2. A cover page for your manuscript, which includes the title, your name (do not include your name in subsequent pages), course and course instructor the paper was written for, and grade received. Please comment if edits have been made after the paper was graded (edits are encouraged but not necessary).
  3. A separate page with an abstract (max. 200 words).


What kind of work can I submit?

Any paper for a Geography course, whether GEOB or GEOG. GIS/Cartography projects are encouraged, but please note the final journal is printed in black and white.

Can I submit a group project?

You can submit the work if one member agrees to be the main author, and all others agree the work can be published by Trail Six. This must be the only paper submitted by the main author.