UBC Geography’s Statement of Solidarity with the Muslim Community

In light of the January 29th massacre at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, as well as the Trump Administration’s executive order banning people from many Muslim-majority nations from travelling to the US, the Department of Geography reaffirms our commitment to fostering an inclusive and safe environment that provides students, faculty, and staff with the best possible conditions for learning, researching, and working. We denounce all discrimination, hatred, and violence on the basis of nationality, race, and religion. We stand in solidarity with and in some cases as people of colour, Indigenous people, Muslims, Jewish people, immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQI communities, and allies in favor of equality and social justice.

The executive order has sparked anxiety for many students, faculty and staff, and their families. There has been increased violence against people of colour, Indigenous people, women, undocumented migrants, Muslims, Jews, and LGBTQI people in the USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world. As scholars and teachers, we are dedicated to exploring the processes that shape contemporary human societies and to reflect self-critically on the foundations of structural inequality. We take inspiration from on-going struggles of resistance to white supremacy, settler colonialism, and gender and reproductive violence. Today, we express our commitment to promoting a diverse, inclusive, and just community capable of discussion and disagreement without retreating to places of fear, hate and intolerance.