Awards & Scholarships

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Geography Alumni Scholarship

To an outstanding student entering their final year of a program leading to a B.A. or B.Sc. in Geography (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: multiple scholarships, initiated to acknowledge the contribution of J. Lewis Robinson to the Department and the University.

Walter G. Hardwick Scholarship in Urban Studies

To outstanding students demonstrating excellence in urban studies (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: Three scholarships have been endowed by his family in honour of Dr. Walter G. Hardwick, one of North America’s leading urban geographers. One scholarship is provided for a doctoral student in Urban Studies and two scholarships are provided for outstanding undergraduate students in Urban Studies.

Okabe Prize in Climatology

To an outstanding student graduating in the Honours program in Climatology (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: a scholarship has been endowed by Dr. Ian T. Okabe for a graduating student in the Honours program in Climatology.

Canadian Association of Geographers Undergraduate Prize

To the graduating student in Geography who has demonstrated the greatest proficiency in the subject (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: A one-year membership in the Association which includes subscriptions to all the CAG publications.

Peter Schaub Award

To an undergraduate student with good academic standing in the Department of Geography who has demonstrated advanced skills in cartography and geographic information systems as well as a talent for the creative visualization of spatial data (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: the award has been endowed in memory of Peter Schaub by the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, with supplemental contributions from friends and colleagues. Preference is given to candidates who have shown a commitment to using geographic data to improve the human condition in fields such as health, social conditions, early childhood education or related areas. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department.

William Gordon Fleet Bursary in Geography

To an undergraduate in Geography demonstrating financial need (Administered by Awards and Financial Aid)

Prize: a bursary is offered through a bequest by William Gordon Fleet for an undergraduate in geography.

Faculty Women’s Club Memorial Prize

To an undergraduate demonstrating excellence in cartography (Recommendation of Department)

Prize: an award in memory of J. Iris Farley by her husband to commemorate her 30-year association with the Faculty Women’s Club. Mrs. Farley, who was a teacher, and wife of Bert Farley, Professor Emeritus in Geography, sustained a life-long interest in education.

Liu Lin Ping Memorial Scholarship

To an undergraduate student entering their final year studying international relations, anthropology or geography (Recommendation from the Faculty of Arts in consultation with the respective departments)

Prize: A scholarship in memory of Mrs. Liu Lin Ping is offered to a student whose studies are concerned with advancing cross-cultural understanding and who has achieved distinction in written work related to cross-cultural studies.

British Petroleum Canada Bursary

To assist a student in Commerce, Economics, Engineering, or Earth Sciences (Astronomy, Geography, Geology or Geophysics) (Student submits an application to the Awards Office)

Prize: first consideration is given to students who have applied for Government assistance.