Undergraduate Courses

Winter 2017 Course List

Courses offered from September 2017 through April 2018. Please contact the instructor for more information on courses.

Winter 2017

GEOG121 Geography, Environment and Globalization Sections

Human geography of the modern world with particular attention to human-environment relationships, urbanization, and regional growth; trade and communications; environment and war; environmental governance and sustainability.

GEOG122 Geography, Modernity and Globalization Sections

The human geography of the modern world since 1945: global interdependence in economic geography, geopolitics, and cultural geography; consequences of modernization, including demography, urbanization and environmental effects; regional case studies; reactions to modernization.

Instructor(s): McPhee, Siobhán GLASSMAN, JAMES FRANCIS Barnes, Trevor

GEOG211 The State of the Earth Sections

The demographic, economic, ecological, and technological factors that underlie current environmental challenges, considering their effects to date and their possible impact in the future.

Instructor(s): Blair, Alec

GEOG220 Geopolitics Sections

Political geographic perspectives on todays interdependent world through three themes: borders, regions, and flows.

Instructor(s): Kuus, Merje

GEOG250 Cities Sections

An interdisciplinary introduction to the city in the context of contemporary globalization. Analysis of urban patterns and processes from the theoretical perspectives of various disciplines and methodologies.

Instructor(s): Wyly, Elvin

GEOG281 Geography of the Pacific Rim Sections

An introduction to changing geographies (social, economic, and political) of the Pacific Rim, with special emphasis on the relationships between Canada and Japan.


GEOG290 Introduction to the Geography of Canada Sections

Selected topics in human geography focusing on the regional distribution of natural resources, population, urban systems, and economic activities.

Instructor(s): Hiebert, Dan

GEOG310 Environment and Sustainability Sections

Concepts of environment, resources and sustainability; the roles of physical and human geography in understanding the interaction of humans and the environment; introduction to management of environment-resource systems.

GEOG311 Urban Environments Sections

The impact of urban development on the natural environment and vice versa. Study of the ecology and metabolism of cities and green urban design, using global and local case studies.

Instructor(s): Blair, Alec Henry, Greg

GEOG312 Climate Change: Science and Society Sections

Climates over the geological, historical and instrument periods. Theories of climatic change. Monitoring and modelling the climate system. Impacts of change on environmental and socio-economic systems.

Instructor(s): Donner, Simon

GEOG316 Geography of Natural Hazards Sections

The role of geophysical events, human ecology, environmental perception, world social and political order in explaining the risk of natural disasters. Assessment of acceptable risk, disaster relief and reconstruction and contrasts between developed and developing nations.

Instructor(s): Blair, Alec

GEOG318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment Sections

Biophysical and human causes of short- and long-term environmental change at various spatial scales, including measurement, interpretation, and policy.

Instructor(s): Blair, Alec

GEOG319 Environmental Impact Assessment Sections

The principles, implementation, and role of environmental impact assessment in environmental management, in Canada and internationally.

Instructor(s): Hewitt, Nina

GEOG321 Historical Geography of Urbanization: Cities, Space, and Power Sections

From the origins of urbanism to the modern era.

Instructor(s): Gregory, Derek

GEOG327 Creating Canada Sections

Canada from the beginning of European contact to the mid-19th century, stressing the changing geographical patterns of settlement, economy, and culture.

Instructor(s): MCKAY, KATHRYN

GEOG328 Constructing Canada Sections

The construction of Canadian political space after Confederation, aboriginal-newcomer relations, regional development and conflict, industrialization, urbanization, and war.

Instructor(s): IRWIN, JOHN

GEOG329 Political Geography Sections

The heritage of political geography; the spatial structure of political organization including regional and global structures.

Instructor(s): Le Billon, Philippe

GEOG345 Theory and Practice in Human Geography Sections

A consideration of major intellectual issues and debates in the development of contemporary human geography, in relation to developments in other fields and changes in politics, culture and society.

Instructor(s): Gregory, Derek

GEOG350 Urban Worlds Sections

City systems and theories of urban location; internal spatial structure of the city; commercial and industrial location; social areas; neighbourhood and land use change; urban trends and public policy.

Instructor(s): Wyly, Elvin PONDER, CAROLINE SAGE

GEOG352 Urbanization in the Global South Sections

Urbanization in the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia; the role of cities in the development process and the features and problems of rapid urbanization.

Instructor(s): McPhee, Siobhán

GEOG353 Geographies of Migration and Settlement Sections

International regimes regulating migration, changes in global demographics, immigration policies of nation states, international migration patterns, settlement policies and outcomes.

Instructor(s): Hiebert, Dan

GEOG357 Introduction to Social Geography Sections

The development of social and behavioural geography, focusing on how places, landscapes, and enviromments both reflect and shape social life.

GEOG361 Introduction to Economic Geography Sections

History and methods of economic geography. Location of resource industries, manufacturing, and service activities with emphasis on British Columbia in its North American and world setting. Recommended for students with no previous exposure to Economic Geography, before taking other courses in the 36x and 46x series.

Instructor(s): Barnes, Trevor

GEOG364 Globalization, Cities, and Regions Sections

Forms of economic development; changing location of economic activities and functions; implications for government and politics; local strategies for growth and equity.

Instructor(s): Peck, Jamie

GEOG371 Research Strategies in Human Geography Sections

Formulating a research problem and selecting an appropriate research strategy. Research strategies range from social scientific survey methods to ethnography. Priority enrolment for honours and major students in Geography.

Instructor(s): Pratt, Geraldine

GEOG374 Statistics in Geography Sections

Introduction to statistical techniques and their application to geographical problems. Priority enrolment for honours and major students in Geography. Consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion Lists: www.students.ubc.ca/calendar/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,414.

Instructor(s): Hewitt, Nina

GEOG380 Geography of Asia Sections

A comparative regional analysis stressing the historical development and changing cultural, economic, and political patterns of the area. Special reference to India, Indonesia, China, and Japan.

Instructor(s): Greenberg, Charles

GEOG390A Geography of Selected Regions - SELECTED REGIONS Sections

A geographical analysis of selected regions not regularly included in the Department's offerings in regional geography (e.g., tropical Africa, Oceania). Students should consult the Department regarding regions to be covered.

Instructor(s): Le Billon, Philippe

GEOG391 Modern Europe: Places and Borders Sections

An introductory survey, focusing on the present-day human geography of the area between the Atlantic and the Ural Mountains.

Instructor(s): Kuus, Merje

GEOG395 Culture, Nature, and Coloniality in Latin America Sections

Socio-ecologies in 1491; Spanish colonialism and biological imperialism; contemporary coloniality and neoliberalism; and social movements.

GEOG410 Environment and Society Sections

Geographical analysis of society-environment relations. Relates resource management to environmental politics, political economy, and sustainable development. Perspectives drawn from political ecology and political economy, environmental history and environmental philosophy.

Instructor(s): Blair, Alec

GEOG412 Water Management: Theory, Policy, and Practice. Sections

Interdisciplinary analysis of critical water issues, in Canada and internationally. Focus on social science perspectives. Emphasis on presentation, research, and essay-writing skills.

GEOG423 Development of Environmental Thought Sections

An examination of how attitudes toward human nature and non-human nature have changed from Mesolithic times to the present in Western society.

Instructor(s): Evenden, Matthew

GEOG424 Feminist Geographies Sections

An introductory survey of contemporary feminist approaches to human geography.

Instructor(s): Sundberg, Juanita

GEOG446A Topics in Geography - TOPICS IN GEOG Sections

See the departmental undergraduate adviser for details.

Instructor(s): Daigle, Michelle

GEOG446B Topics in Geography - TOPICS IN GEOG Sections

See the departmental undergraduate adviser for details.

Instructor(s): Dempsey, Jessica

GEOG450 Urban Research Sections

Individual or group primary research. Instructor and content vary and it may be offered over 2 terms. Details available from Geography Undergraduate Advisor from April 1 preceding the course. Not necessarily offered each year.

Instructor(s): Wyly, Elvin

GEOG453 Political Geographic Analysis Sections

Political organization of space; territorial and spatial patterns of power and identity; contemporary geopolitical struggles.

Instructor(s): Kuus, Merje

GEOG456 Film and the City Sections

The complex interrelations between film and the city; dominant urban theories, film technologies and viewing practices and the intersections between them.

Instructor(s): Pratt, Geraldine

GEOG457 Social and Behavioural Geography Sections

Theories of social change in the global city; labour markets; poverty and inequality; social polarization; housing markets; gentrification and housing affordability; immigration and segregation; diversity and multiculturalism; transnationalism; the entrepreneurial state; the convivial city.

Instructor(s): Jones, Craig

GEOG481 Geography of Japan Sections

A critical analysis of significant human adaptations to changing ecological conditions in the Japanese archipelago. Normally alternates with GEOG 468.


GEOG495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas Sections

The politics of North-South solidarity in theory and practice through community service learning models.

Instructor(s): Sundberg, Juanita

GEOG497 The Arctic Sections

Physical and biological characteristics of the circumpolar Arctic, emphasizing terrestrial environments and the impacts on and by humans, including: glacial history; climatology; biogeography/ecology of arctic tundra; human-environment interactions, settlement and exploration; and current environmental, social and economic problems.

Instructor(s): Henry, Greg

GEOG498 Geographies of the Middle East Sections

Critical analysis of economic, social, and political development and processes defining the modern Middle East region.

Instructor(s): McPhee, Siobhán
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