Undergraduate Courses

Winter 2019 Course List

Courses offered from September 2019 through April 2020. Please contact the instructor for more information on courses.

Summer 2020

GEOG310 Environment and Sustainability Sections

Concepts of environment, resources and sustainability; the roles of physical and human geography in understanding the interaction of humans and the environment; introduction to management of environment-resource systems.

GEOG318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment Sections

Biophysical and human causes of short- and long-term environmental change at various spatial scales, including measurement, interpretation, and policy.

Instructor(s): Brown, Loch

GEOG350 Urban Worlds Sections

City systems and theories of urban location; internal spatial structure of the city; commercial and industrial location; social areas; neighbourhood and land use change; urban trends and public policy.

Instructor(s): Wyly, Elvin

GEOG357 Introduction to Social Geography Sections

The development of social and behavioural geography, focusing on how places, landscapes, and enviromments both reflect and shape social life.

GEOG447 Directed Studies: Off Campus Research Sections

Based on project work outside the university. Not available to co-op students. See the departmental undergraduate advisor for details.

GEOG448 Directed Studies in Geography Sections

For fourth-year students in Geography to permit investigation of a topic to be agreed upon by a member of the faculty and the student.

Summer 2020

GEOB103 Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes Sections

Physical processes acting at the Earth's surface; water cycle; landforms; human impacts. Please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion Lists: www.students.ubc.ca/calendar/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,414.

Instructor(s): Saletti, Matteo

GEOB270 Geographic Information Science Sections

Computer-based graphical methods of data input and analysis. Emphasis on data visualization techniques such as cartographic modelling and exploratory data analysis. Preclusion: Not available to those who completed GEOG 370 before September 2005.

GEOB448A Directed Studies in Geographical Sciences - DRCT ST GEOGSCIE Sections

For fourth-year students in Geography to permit investigation of a topic to be agreed upon by a member of the faculty and the student. Permission of the department head and of a supervisory faculty member is required. Credit will be granted for only one of GEOB 448 or GEOG 448.

GEOB449B Undergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS Sections

Original research on an approved topic, developed under the guidance of a faculty member. Open to 4th year students in Geographical Biogeosciences with appropriate background courses related to the research topic, and permission of the directing faculty member. The 3-credit option is only available to students who complete GEOB 449 in tandem with GEOB 409.

Summer 2020

No URST course(s) were found for S2020 term.