We offer three different undergraduate specializations:

  • BA in Human Geography: this degree, offered by the Faculty of Arts, emphasizes the changing regional patterns of human behaviour in order to understand the cultural, economic, social and political forces that shape the landscape.
  • BSc in Geographical Sciences: this degree, offered by the Faculty of Science, focuses on aspects of the Earth’s surface and near surface environments through an integrated view of the natural sciences. The sub-fields of climatology, biogeography, hydrology, GIS, and geomorphology are included in this specialization.
  • BA in Environment and Sustainability: the Environment and Sustainability specialization combines elements of both the BA and BSc degrees above. Building on the core ideas from natural and social sciences, the Environment and Sustainability BA is focused on the interface between societies and global and local environments.

We also co-sponsor an undergraduate BSc specialization in Atmospheric Science with the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

The field of Geography provides integrating links among the humanities, social sciences, biological and physical sciences. Students who are interested in people and the world around them will thrive in geography courses. Geographers are employed in many different fields.


Sustainability Learning Pathway


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In 2014/15, Geography collaborated with the University Sustainability Initiative at UBC to develop a pathway for education in sustainability for students in our undergraduate specializations. A Sustainability Learning Pathway is a collection of sustainability-oriented courses and experiences that students pursue alongside their disciplinary major that provides them with a firm grounding in the core sustainability concepts. Geography’s sustainability pathway comprises 15 credits of course work that is structured as follows:
Required Courses (6 credits)

  • GEOG 211 – State of the Earth
  • GEOG 310 – Environment and Sustainability

Elective Courses (choose two of the following, 6 credits)

  • GEOB 270 – Introduction to GIScience
  • GEOB 307 – Biogeography and Global Change
  • GEOG 311 – Urban Environments
  • GEOG 312 – Climate Change: Science and Society
  • GEOG 316 – Geography of Natural Hazards
  • GEOG 318 – Sustainability in a Changing Environment
  • GEOG 319 – Environmental Impact Assessment

Capstone Courses (choose one of the following, 3 credits)

  • GEOG 379 – Field School in Human Geography
  • GEOG 410 – Environment and Society
  • GEOG 419 – Research in Environmental Geography
  • GEOG 423 – Development of Environmental Thought
  • GEOG 429 – Research in Historical Geography
  • GEOG 446 – Topics in Geography: Agriculture and the Environment

We are currently working on a mechanism to recognize completion of our Sustainability Learning Pathway on official UBC transcripts.