BSc in Atmospheric Science

UBC’s Atmospheric Science Program, jointly sponsored by the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences and the Department of Geography, conducts teaching and research in atmospheric science. It is an interdisciplinary program, with faculty members coming from not only these two departments, but also from Chemistry, Land and Food Systems and Applied Science, with research covering boundary layer meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and air pollution, climate and climate variability, weather and climate prediction, cloud physics, atmosphere-ocean interactions, geophysical fluid dynamics, and interactions between the atmosphere and land.

  • for information and assistance in planning your B.Sc. in the Atmospheric Science Major / Honours Programs; or
  • for information and assistance in Diploma in Meteorology.
Contact : Dr. Philip Austin, Advisor
(Atmospheric Science)
Telephone : (604) 822-2175
E-mail : < >
Office : Room 157, EOS Bldg. South