Planning Your Program

The precise character of your program will depend upon your secondary school and/or college backgrounds, as well as your own interests. In both instances it is important that you plan your program carefully to meet the general requirements for the B.A. or B.Sc. degrees, and the specific requirements for the major in Geography.

We offer three paths for students to pursue their degree. BSc in Geographical SciencesBA in Human Geography or BA in Environment and Sustainability. For those students whose interests lie in Cultural-Historical, Urban, Economic or Regional Geography, the B.A. program is most appropriate. Students interested in Environmental Geography may take either the B.Sc. program in Geographical Sciences or the B.A. in Environment and Sustainability. For students whose interests lie in Geographical Sciences, the B.Sc. program is most appropriate.

Many students come into the UBC Geography program via one of British Columbia’s two-year colleges. If you are planning to attend a BC college or are presently enrolled in a college program with a view to entering the university, go to the online Transfer Guide. With the aid of this Guide and a Geography Advisor, you should be able to put together a college course program that will meet all 1st and 2nd year requirements for the B.A. major in Geography or many of the course requirements for the B.Sc. in Geographical Sciences.

Whether entering directly from secondary school or via one of the colleges, we invite you consult with one of the advisors, as well as members of the Geography Students Association. Departmental advisors in the Geography Building are always ready to discuss your academic program.

Current undergraduate students can also check out the UBC Geography Undergraduate Student Guide 2015/2016

Departmental Undergraduate Advisors

  • For general advising concerns regarding your Geography programs.
  • For assistance with registration (course changes, declaring majors).
  • For information regarding transfer credit inquiries.
  • For information and assistance in planning your B.A. / B. the Major / Honours / Minor Programs offered at the Department of Geography.
  • For graduation requirements.
Office: Room 218
Phone: 604-822-2020
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